Your 1942 quarter worth starts a $3.80 each. This minimum represents the high silver content in the coin.



Other elements do add to raising the value higher, particularly the problem of her coin and also finding the \"D\" or \"S\" mintmarks.

Beginning with the mintmarks. 3 mints developed Washington soldier in 1942, Philadelphia and also Denver and also San Francisco. Those minted in Denver and San Francisco, if uncovered in \"Uncirculated\" problem are worth a premium today since of low mintage totals.

The next difficulty is identify the condition of your old quarter. Frequently found greatly worn, see if your coin is in a higher more collectible condition, and compare it to the \"Grading\" pictures below.

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A popular series with collectors and elusive in the greater grades, your 1942 quarter is worth a close examination.

The coin value chart defines prices through the date, the presence of a mintmark and also the problem of your coin.

The \"1942-D\" quarter was produced at the Denver mint in 1942, the \"S\" or \"D\" mintmark is situated on the reverse, listed below the wreath. The section on \"Grading\" determines the condition value on the chart.

1942 Quarter value is Conditional

The problem images room lined up to show the different stages that wear on a Washington quarter. Indigenous brand brand-new condition to really worn condition. The descriptions define the \"Grade\" and highlight the subtle details come consider.

Hopefully this expose a greater grade and also your 1942 quarter value is well over the minimum.


Uncirculated: A quarter in this grade has actually never circulated v commerce. Mirroring no signs of wear, the still has actually the watch of brand new. The most desirable condition to collectors and the highest possible values.


Extremely Fine: Washington quarters very first begin come wear ~ above the cheek, hair and also curls. The information of the hair starts to merge and a slim diminish come the roundness that the cheeks. Tho a very sharp spring coin.


Fine: From the chin and extending up and also through the hair the details have worn flat, additionally reaching into the curls over the ear. Coins in this grade give the impression that worn, however not overly so.

Good: All the significant details display but an extremely flattened by wear. The tops of the letters have begun to merge into the rim. A 1942 quarter common of this problem trades at its underlying silver bullion value.

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Washington quarters Value

Check her coins v the values chart. Many of the silver- Washington quarters worth is tied carefully to the price of silver. However, a couple of rare dates and also mintmarks are really valuable.

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Including an ext relating to your 1942 4 minutes 1 value. Easily discover how much your old coins room worth.

From Bust quarters to sit Liberty, Barber, was standing Liberty and Washington quarters. All series include Grading photos to referee the problem of your coins and also coin worth charts.

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every old united state coin values. The is terrific index v images and text links to all coin series, from cent to Gold. Worth charts, grading images and also descriptions uncover how much your box of old coins is worth.

Outstanding Auction Price Results

1942-S Washington Quarter, last bid $1,179. The price paid for a gem condition quarter in ~ a Bowers and Merena Auction of rare coins.

Not the common Uncirculated Washington quarter. Much from it, considering this quarter verified no visible taking care of marks. Attention was additionally high for this coin since of the toning. Pale silver-gray surfaces surrounding by red and also lavender iridescence toning along the rims.

One that a type results, for a one of a type rare coin.

A clearer expertise of exactly how much your 1942 quarter is precious is relatively easy. The web is useful to find dealer price listings and rare coin auctions and also their descriptions.