Factors that 25 room the list of integers that us can break-up evenly right into 25. Over there are all at once 3 factors of 25 amongst which 25 is the biggest factor and also 1, 5, and also 25 are hopeful factors. The amount of all components of 25 is 31. That is Prime determinants are 1, 5, 25, and also (1, 25) and (5, 5) are Pair Factors.

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Factors the 25: 1, 5 and also 25Negative components of 25: -1, -5 and -25Prime factors of 25: 5Prime factorization of 25: 5 × 5 = 52Sum of components of 25: 31
1.What are determinants of 25?
2.How to Calculate components of 25?
3.Factors the 25 by prime Factorization
4.Thinking the end of The Box!
5.Factors the 25 in Pairs
6.Important Notes
7.FAQs on factors of 25

What are determinants of 25?

Factors of 25 space all the number which, on multiplying, offer the value 25. Together 25 is odd, it will certainly not have 2 or any type of multiples of 2 as its factor. To understand why it is composite, let"s recall the definition of a composite number. A number is stated to it is in composite if the has much more than two factors. In this case, 25 has a full of 3 components i.e. 1, 5, and also 25.

How to calculate the components of 25?

To calculate the components of any type of number, here in this instance 25, we need to discover all the number that would divide 25 without leaving any type of remainder. We begin with the number 1, then check for numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. Up to 25 respectively. The number 1 and the number itself would always be a element of the offered number.

Refer to the following table to examine the division of 25 by its factors:


Remainder = 0Factor = 1


Remainder = 0Factor = 5


Remainder = 0Factor = 25

Hence, determinants of 25 room 1, 5, and also 25. Explore factors using illustrations and also interactive examples:

Factors that 25 by element Factorization

Prime factorization means expressing a composite number together the product the its element factors. To gain the element factorization of 25, we division it by its the smallest prime factor, which is 5.

25 ÷ 5 = 5

Now division 5 by its the smallest prime factor and continue this procedure till we obtain the quotient as 1. The element factorization of 25 is displayed below:


So, the element factorization of 25 is:

5 × 5 = 25 or 25 = 52

So the number 25 deserve to be referred to as a perfect square. The components of 25 space 1, 5, and also 25. (The just prime factor is 5.)

Think Tank:

Determine a number other than 25, which has only 3 factors and also is a perfect square.Determine the common factors the 25 and also 50.

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Factors the 25 in Pairs

Let"s write determinants of 25 in pairs. The pair determinants of 25 deserve to be given as below:

(1, 25) ; (5, 5)

These determinants given above are optimistic pair factors. That is possible to have negative pair factors too because the product of two negative numbers is also a hopeful number. Let"s have a look at at an unfavorable pair factors:

(-1, -25) ; (-5, -5)

Important Notes:

As 25 is an odd number, every one of its factors will also be odd.25 is a perfect square number.