The following quoted report need to not it is in taken at confront value. Any claim the deer-human hybrids are feasible could just be corroborated via the review of an yes, really specimen.

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In his Observationes atque cogitationes non nullae de monstris (1748, pp. 6-8, sec. 6), Johann Jakob Huber (1707-1778), a professor the anatomy and surgery at Göttingen University, explains a boy many of who torso was spanned in a pelt choose that the a deer. The following is a translation of the relevant passage in the Latin original. Huber states that the boy in question

is unusual only with respect come the framework of his skin. That is a healthy and vigorous four-year-old, through the exemption of the reality that his whole back, indigenous nape come rump, and also especially his belly, as well as part of his chest is covered not through smooth white skin, however instead with a reddish coat that hair. This pelt is quite dense, and somewhat whitish in ~ the height of the ago and over the sacral region. Yet it is elsewhere red and also scarcely much less hairy. This is not the down ordinarily viewed in infants, but rather true hair, comparable to that of a deer, except perhaps softer, shorter, and also somewhat much less dense. Therefore the pelt is truly prefer that the a deer, and everywhere colored, too, choose a deer’s. The has already been detailed that this boy spoke with difficulty, scarcely being able to speak a couple of babbled words.…But the main thing to it is in emphasized is that both through respect come its hair and also its color, his skin was truly deer-like.

Cervus elaphus

Generally speaking, cervus, the Latin word provided by Huber, refers to the Red Deer, Cervus elaphus (pictured at left), i beg your pardon is in accord v his description of the pelt together red.

Red deer is, generally speaking, a European name for these animals. In north America, whereby they are periodically treated as a separate types (Cervus canadensis), castle are referred to as elk or wapiti.

And slightly more recent report around a deer-human hybrid showed up in the Washington, D.C., newspaper Triweekly Washington Sentinel (Aug. 7, 1855, p. 3):


There seem not to be any kind of other allegations that ostensible deer-human hybrids ~ above record. However, there room innummerable reports around a very comparable hybrid: cow x human.

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Supplementary material:

A myth around a deer-human hybrid

The Nabaloi human being of the Philippines tell a story (transcribed below from Moss 1920, p. 349) about a monster called the Kolas, a deer-human hybrid.

The Monster Kolas

Long ago in the past a hunter captured a female deer through a net. The did not kill the deer, but took it home. Every night that lay v the deer, and had business with it. Finally the deer gave birth come a male. The offspring had actually horns and also was four-footed like a deer, but also had arms favor a man. The feet and also face were prefer the feet and also face the a man, however its hair was like the hair of a deer. Its surname was Kolas. When Kolas to be one year old, the hunter killed his mother and ate she for food. Kolas to be angry with his father. That night Kolas take it the skin that his mother, and also wrapped it roughly his body. He take it the spear and shield that the hunter and also ran far to the forest. He came to be the master of every the deer. Many times the hunters do the efforts to death him; yet he had his shield, spear and the skin of his mother. Additionally he could run quicker than the dogs. Once the dogs pursued Kolas, he killed them through his horns and also his spear. Periodically he would certainly hide in the forest, and also kill the world who to be passing. In ~ night he would go come the settlement, and also kill the civilization who were sleeping. Lastly the civilization made deep pits and covered them with grass and also earth. One night when Kolas was going come the settlement, he fell into a pit. Then beforehand the following day, the human being found him. They spanned the pit through earth and stones, and also buried Kolas.

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A fictitious account that a roe deer adopting a person child (from The background of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan by Abu Bakr Ibn Tufail, interpreted from the Arabic through Simon Ockley, 1929, pp. 44-45 & 51-53)

The Nails and also Timbers of the Ark had been loosen’d when the Waves cast it into that Thicket; the boy being an extremely hungry wept and also cry’d for assist and struggled. It taken place that a Roe which had actually lost her Fawn, heard the kid cry, and following the Voice (imagining the to have actually been her Fawn) came approximately the Ark, and also what through her digging with her Hoofs native without, and the children thrusting from within, in ~ last in between ’em both lock burst open a plank of the Lid. Thereupon she was mov’d through Pity and Affection for him, and also freely gave him suck; and also she visited and also tended that continually, protecting that from every Harm.


They say that this Roe liv’d in an excellent and plentiful Pasture so the she was fat, and also had together plenty of Milk, that she was really well able to preserve the small Child; she stay’d through him and never left him, however when hunger forc’d her; and he grew so fine acquainted with her, that if at any time she staid away from the a little longer 보다 ordinary, he’d cry pitifully, and she, as soon as she heard him, came running instantly; besides all this, he enjoy’d this hap piness, the there was no Beast of food in the entirety Island.

Thus he went on, living only upon what he Suck’d till the was 2 Years Old, and then he started to action a tiny and breed his Teeth. He always followed the Roe, and also she shew’d every the tenderness to him imaginable; and also us’d to lug him to locations where Fruit trees grew, and fed him through the Ripest and Sweetest fruits which dropped from the Trees; and also if they had actually hard Shells, she us’d to rest them because that him through her Teeth; still Suckling him, as often as that pleas’d, and when he to be thirsty she shew’d the the means to the water. If the sun shin’d as well hot, she shaded him; if he was cold she cherish’d him and also kept the warm; and also when Night came she carried him home to his old Place, and covered him partly with her own Body, and also partly v some feather taken from the Ark, which had actually been placed in v him as soon as he was very first expos’d. Now, once they went out in the Morning, and when they came home again at Night, there always went through them one Herd of Deer, which lay in the same location where they did; so the the boy being always amongst castle learn’d your voice by degrees, and imitated the so exactly that there to be scarce any sensible difference; nay, once he heard the voice of any Bird or Beast, the come an extremely near it. However of every the voices which he imitated, the made most use of the Deers, and also could to express himself as they do, either when they desire help, speak to their Mates, when they would have them come nearer, or go farther off. (For friend must know that the Brute Beasts have different Sounds come express these different things.) thus he contracted such an Acquaintance through the Wild Beasts, that they were no afraid the him, nor he the them.

It to be midday, and the sun stood equally remote from either goal, once young Actaeon, boy of King Cadmus, thus addressed the youths who with him were searching the stag in the mountains:—

“Friends, our nets and our weapons are wet through the blood of ours victims; we have had sport enough for one day, and tomorrow we have the right to renew our labours. Now, when Phoebus parches the earth, permit us put by ours implements and also indulge ourselves with rest.”

There was a sink thick enclosed through cypresses and also pines, sacred to the huntress queen, Diana. In the extremity of the sink was a cave, not adorned with art, but nature had actually counterfeited arts in that is construction, because that she had turned the arch of its roof with stones, as delicately fitted as if by the hand of man. A fountain burst out from one side, who open basin was bounded through a grassy rim. Here the goddess the the woods provided to come when weary v hunting and lave she virgin limbs in the sparkling water.

One day, having actually repaired thither v her nymphs, she handed she javelin, she quiver, and her bow come one, she robe come another, when a third unbound the sandals from her feet. Climate Crocale, the most skilful of them, arranged she hair, and also Nephele, Hyale and also the rest attracted water in capacious urns. If the goddess was thus employed in the labors of the toilet, behold Actaeon, having quitted his companions, and also rambling without any type of especial object, came to the place, led thither through his destiny. As he presented himself at the enntrance gate of the cave, the nymphs, see a man, screamed and also rushed towards the goddess to hide her v their bodies. Yet she was taller than the rest and overtopped them all by a head. Together a color as tinges the clouds at sunset or at dawn come over the countenance that Diana thus taken by surprise. Surrounded as she was by she nymphs, she yet turned half away, and also sought v a sudden impulse for her arrows. As they were no at hand, she dashed the water right into the confront of the intruder, including these words: “Now go and tell, if you can, that you have seen Diana unapparelled.” automatically a pair the branching stag’s horns flourished out of his head, his neck acquired in length, his ears grew sharp-pointed, his hands came to be feet, his arms lengthy legs, his human body was spanned with a hairy spotted hide. Fear took the place of his former boldness, and also the hero fled. He could not yet admire his own speed; but when he experienced his horns in the water, "Ah, wretched me!" the would have said, however no sound complied with the effort. He groaned, and tears flowed down the challenge which had actually taken the location of his own. Yet his consciousness remained. What shall the do?—go home to look for the palace, or lie hid in the woods? The latter he was afraid, the former he was ashamed to do. While the hesitated the dogs witnessed him. First Melampus, a Spartan dog, offered the signal v his bark, climate Pamphagus, Dorceus, Lelaps, Theron, Nape, Tigris, and also all the rest, rushed after the swifter than the wind. Over rocks cliffs, through mountain gorges that seemed impracticable, the fled and they followed. Wherein he had often chased the stag and cheered top top his pack, his load now chased him, cheered on through his huntsmen. The longed to cry out, “I am Actaeon; acknowledge your master!” but the native came not at his will. The waiting resounded through the bark the the dogs. Presently one fastened ~ above his back, an additional seized his shoulder. While they held their master, the remainder of the pack came up and also buried their this in his flesh. That groaned,—not in a human voice, yet definitely not in a stag’s,—and fall on his knees, raised his eyes, and also would have raised his arms in supplication, if he had actually had them. His friends and also fellow-huntsmen cheered top top the dogs, and also looked almost everywhere for Actaeon, phone call on that to join the sport. At the sound that his surname he turn his head, and heard castle regret that he must be away. He serious wished the was. That would have been fine pleased to check out the exploits the his dogs, however to feel them was too much. They to be all about him, rending and also tearing; and it was not till they had torn his life the end that the rage of Diana to be satisfied.