march 6, 2016

It takes year of top top the project training to gain educated in "oilfield". Roughneck schools don"t teach the lingo and also you wont discover it available at junior Colleges. 

If you want to succeed in a task on the drilling rig floor you need to master the an easy terminology the the tools and also equipment you are working with.

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If i told you to drop the "Stand" in the Cow"s cock" - would you recognize what come do? If friend don"t understand then ns am walking to have to have someone take it you through the hand and also leads friend around and also show you. It"s hard to get work done that way.

Another fence in not being "knowed up" on typical oilfield terms is that you will conveniently fall victim to useful jokes prefer this in this post;

"When ns was ~ above the pearl we supplied to send a green hand come the engine room because that a left-handed pipe wrench come wind the compass spring. Fine one time this other walks earlier from the wheel house and also down 2 gangways come the engine flat and he is handed the biggest pipe wrench we have actually which is 4 feet long.He wrestles it follow me the gangway moving it 600 feet approximately the wheel house. As soon as he ultimately arrived the girlfriend On duty and Helmsman to be laughing so tough that the environment-friendly hand acquired mad and actually threw the $2000 end the side!" 

We all recognize stories around "worms" or eco-friendly hands being sent after the V door key or checking the water table. Recently "new" hands have been viewed in YouTube videos pounding the ground through sledgehammers in conducting "seismic tests". A indigenous of advice, "Never Prove You can Lift a bag Of gel Over your Head!"


Try to uncover the meaning of the complying with words and also phrases as they pertain to the oilfield-If you have a question post it in comments-someone is certain to answer.

Crow"s Foot Monkeyboard, Worm"s Corner, Catwalk, 5 Foot Stick, Cellar Jet, F**k Stick, Dog Knot, Niggerboy Hobble, cheat Dick, Cathead, Horsehead-(had a worm speak to it "whore"s head"), Pecker-Neck wrenches, Wedd"n Band, pole Box- (are rod crate covers called condoms?), heat Biscuits, expertise Box, punch Counters, Mousehole, Rathole, Bull Line, Monkey Tail Belts, Geronimo line, Monkey Cum(sometimes switched w/ GoJo), Doghouse, Drill "String", bit Breaker, hammer wrench (is it a hammer or a wrench?), Beckets, Bails, Elevators, Drill Collar, Fishing Trip, Worm, V-Door, secrets to V Door, Water Table, Bull"s Dick, Beaver Slide, Dead Man,Collar Clamp, Fish Neck, Yellow Dog, Stripping rubber, Snake, Monkey strap, Turtle, Joint, Dope, "Negerkuk" -which equates to "Nigger Cock", Mule Line, Laydown Machine, Pony Collar, belly Board, Peanut Pump, Nozzle Knocker, Crutch, Cat"s Ass,Lubester, Snatchblock, Overshot, Headache Rack, rotate Post, man Wayne Gun, punch Barrel, dirt Bucket,Brain Bucket, Panter Piss, Gatorjaw, Strongback, Dogbone, Whipstock, twisted Off, turn Chain, Nipple Up, crazy Wheel, Pisspot, Possum Belly, Gunk Gun, Jackshaft, half Hitch, Worm Hook, Chicken Dick, Vibrator Hose...


 Please article in comments listed below if you have the right to think of something ns missed.

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The allude is if you desire to work on drilling rigs you better get "knowed up" top top the Oilfield "words and also phrases" if you setup on difficult around.