The key difference between stepsister and also half-sister is the the step sister is not connected by blood conversely, the half-sister is related by blood.

A stepsister is the daughter the one’s stepmother or stepfather conversely, a half sister is a sister through whom one shares just one parental in common. Back half-sisters share one common parent, stepsisters carry out not have actually a common parent. Thus, they space not connected by blood.

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1. Outline and an essential Difference2. Who is a Stepsister3. Who is a Half-Sister4. Side by next Comparison – Stepsister vs Half-Sister in Tabular Form5. Summary

Who is a Stepsister?

A step-sister is the daughter of her stepmother or step-parent. However, she is not a organic daughter the your mother or father. Therefore, stepsisters are not associated by blood. Because that example, if your mother gets married come a guy who has a daughter by another marriage, this girl becomes your step sister. The same goes for the daughter of your stepmother. Similarly, if you are a girl and also one or both of your parents have stepchildren (their spouse’s children by an additional marriage), you come to be their stepsister. The vital thing to note below is that stepsister go not have actually a parental in common because they have various parents.

Figure 01: Sisters

Let’s look at an instance to recognize this an ext clearly. Laura Lope is the daughter of Camilla, Duchess the Cornwall (the wife of Prince Charles) by she previous marriage. Since her mom is married to Prince Charles, Laura is a stepsister that Prince William and Prince Harry.

Who is a Half-Sister?

A half sister is a sister associated through one parent only. For example, if your father and also stepmother have actually a child, he or she is your step sibling. If this child is a girl, she is your fifty percent sister. Similarly, a daughter that your mommy by an additional marriage is likewise your stepsister. Moreover, if you space a girl, you are a fifty percent sister to the children your parents have from various other marriages. If half-sisters re-publishing the very same father, castle are known as paternal half-sisters vice versa, if castle share the same mother, castle are known as maternal half-sisters.

Figure 02: Half-Siblings

Let’s look at at an example from history. Queen mary I and Queen Elizabeth ns of England to be half-sisters. Both of lock were kids of Henry VIII of England. Yet they had different mothers: mar was the daughter that Catherine the Aragon and Elizabeth to be the daughter of ann Boleyn.

What is the Difference in between Stepsister and Half-Sister?

A stepsister is the daughter that one’s stepmother or stepfather from a previous marriage whereas a fifty percent sister is a sister with whom one shares just one parental in common. Therefore, the an essential difference between stepsister and also half-sister is the the stepsisters space not connected by blood vice versa, half-sisters are connected by blood. That is because half-sisters re-publishing a usual parent if stepsisters don’t have a common parent.

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Summary – Stepsister vs Half-Sister

The main difference between stepsister and also half-sister is their relation by blood. Stepsisters are not associated by blood vice versa, half-sisters are associated by blood. This is since half-sisters share a common parent if stepsisters don’t.

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