In recording Fire, Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch and Effie room taken to the capitol. While Haymitch provides the Tributes his "forget whatever you think you know about the games" speech there is some creepy-looking human standing in the lift looking choose a hollow-eyed fencing enthusiast v tape haphazardly wrapped about her head.

I"m guessing it"s something handle in the books. Can someone you re welcome tell me that it is and also why they"re there?




I assumed that she was just a server yet when I observed her i knew she was different, she had a headpiece that matched her dress v pulled up hair and also dark eyes. As soon as I an initial saw her ns was going to FREAK OUT!
You space looking in ~ the unfortunate Lavinia. She is a non-character in the, but does pat some role in the novels.

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Note - If you go to any of this links, there space spoilers because that the 3rd book. If girlfriend haven"t check out it, be wary. From the Wikipedia she is:

An Avox (a servant whose tongue has actually been cut out as punishment because that treason). She has red hair, pale skin, and also striking features. Because of she inability come speak, Katniss at first does not know her surname or anything about her. Katniss recognizes she from when she and also Gale experienced the girl"s capture and also the fatality of she friend, and also Katniss later speculates that she is a runaway native the Capitol.

To explain what one Avox is, from the Hunger games Wiki:

An Avox is a human who has been punished for being a rebel versus the Capitol; a traitor or a runaway. Avoxes have had actually their tongues cut out, calculation them mute. They are used as domestic servants and also waiter ~ above tributes and Capitol citizens. That is likewise suggested that Avoxes room charged through the day-to-day maintain of the Capitol and also work move in the move network under the city. The hatchet "avox" is from Latin, definition "without a voice."

Some more information about Lavinia, again indigenous the Hunger gamings Wiki:

Before she became an Avox, Lavinia and also an unknown boy, whom Katniss thought was her brothers or lover, were viewed by Katniss and Gale while castle were the end hunting, in an off-limits wood exterior of district 12. They showed up to be escaping indigenous the Capitol for unknown reasons, and Katniss listed that the two had actually a "Capitol look" to them. A Capitol hovercraft appeared; the young was struck with a spear the was shot from the hovercraft and also was eliminated instantly, then was lifted approximately the hovercraft, no to be pointed out again in the series. Lavinia, however, was scooped up by a net and taken right into the hovercraft, and she summary locked eyes through Katniss and Gale. Once the boy was killed, she screamed what sounded prefer a name, and also Katniss wonder if it to be the name of the boy.

Years later, Lavinia waited top top Katniss as an Avox who tongue had been cut out for committing crimes versus the Capitol. Katniss stated she knew Lavinia, however at that time walk not recognize her surname or wherein she remembered her from. This concerned the inhabitants from the Capitol, therefore Peeta stepped in and also claimed the Lavinia looked choose Delly Cartwright - a girl from ar 12 that went to college with them, and also who Katniss claims, can be the nicest person on earth. As an Avox, she could not publicly recognize anything that was not a straight order, so Katniss" initial effort at conversation was ignored. But when she later on walks in top top the chaos Katniss has actually made in her room prior to interview night she reflects some solution to Katniss" attempted apology, describe by gestures that Katniss walk not must be sorry, and that there was nothing she might have done, otherwise she too, would have actually been an Avox.

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Finally, part trivia native the same page:

She is the only recognized Capitol citizen that attempted come escape for unknown reasons.

She is not stated in The Hunger games film as result of the thought that her existence would have been calculation useless and also would not have mattered anyway.

Lavinia is additionally the name of a character in Shakespeare"s pat Titus Andronicus. In the play, Lavinia has actually her tongue removed after she is assaulted so she will not reveal who assaulted her.