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Boreal coniferous forest conquered by spruce trees (Picea). Boreal coniferous forests are evergreen coniferous woodlands that often thrive just south of the tundra in the northern Hemisphere wherein winters room long and cold and also days are short. In north America the boreal forest stretches from Alaska throughout Canada to Newfoundland; it stops just north that the southern Canadian border. The huge taiga the Asia extends across Russia into northeastern China and Mongolia. In Europe the boreal forest covers many of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and regions in the Scottish Highlands.

A distinct subtype the the north American coniferous woodland is the moist temperate coniferous forest, or coastline forest, i m sorry is uncovered along the west coastline of phibìc America eastward come the Rocky Mountains. This subtype is sometimes called temperate rain woodland (see pleasant forest), return this ax is properly used only come broad-leaved evergreen forests of the southerly Hemisphere. Heat temperatures, high humidity, and also often misty conditions encourage the advance of a mossy, moisture-loving tree layer under the large trees of Sitka spruce, west red cedar, western hemlock, Douglas fir, and coast redwood.


Redwood nationwide Park
Lush woodland floor in Redwood nationwide Park, California.
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Other subtypes the coniferous woodland occur at various elevations in the Rocky hills of north America, in central America, and in eastern Asia. Lock are known as subalpine and montane forests and are conquered by combine of pine, spruce, and fir.

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