Electrons have a specific type of distribution (or configuration) in every atom, also Cobalt. Part are difficult to memorise (or predict), so what is the electron configuration of one atom the Co?In the situation of Cobaltthe abbreviation electron construction is 3d7 4s2.

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Nevertheless, inspect the complete configuration and other exciting facts around Cobalt the most world don"t know.

Cobalt Overview

CobaltComplete Electron Configuration

1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4 s2 3 d7

Abbreviated Electron Configuration

3d7 4s2


Occurs in compounds v arsenic, oxygen and also sulfur together in cobaltine (CoAsS) and also linneite (Co3S4). Pure cobalt is acquired as a byproduct the refining nickel, copper and iron.

Atomic Symbol



Used in numerous hard alloys; because that magnets, ceramics and also special glasses. Remains difficult up come 982°C. Radioactive cobalt-60 is used in cancer therapy.

Atomic Number

27Learn more about theatomic number.


Hard, ductile, lustrous bluish-gray metal. Exists in the earth"s curst in cocentrations of about 25 ppm. It has remarkable magnetic properties.

Atomic Mass

58,9332Learn much more about theatomic mass.

Name Origin

German: kobold (goblin).

State at 20 °C



Discovered By: George BrandtYear: 1739Location: SwedenWant to learn much more details and data about Cobalt (Co)? check my Elements an extensive List.


Are you having actually trouble understanding the basics of atom elements? This video will walk friend through:What is an elementWhat is a substanceWhat facets look likeHow a small variety of atoms can be joined and kind completely various substances

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