Costa Rica\"s latitude and also longitude is 10° 00\" N and 84° 00\" W . Below is the map the Costa Rica showing significant towns, roads, airports with latitudes and also longitudes plotted ~ above it.

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Costa Rica is situated within the latitude and also longitude that 10° 00\" N, 84 º 00\" W. Costa Rica is situated in the north- west hemispheres. Costa Rica is situated in phibìc America.
The capital city the Costa Rica is san Jose. The latitude and longitude of mountain Jose, the funding city the Costa Rica is the 9º 56\" N, 84º 05\" W.The climate within this latitude and longitude the Costa Rica is tropic in nature. In basic terms, weather problem remains satisfied throughout the year.Prevalence of profession winds help to cool down much of the seaside areas the Costa Rica. The sexty months space March, April and also May whereas; the cooler months room December, January and February.

Latitude and also Longitude of Costa Rica

Blanco, C.09°34\"N85°08\"W
Buenos Aires09°10\"N83°20\"W
Burica, Pta.

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Central, Cordillera10°10\"N84°05\"W
Chirripo Grands, Cerro09°29\"N83°29\"W
Coronado, B. De09°00\"N83°40\"W
Dulce, G. 08°40\"N83°20\"W
Guanacaste, Cordillera del10°40\"N85°04\"W
La Cruz11°04\"N85°39\"W
Liberia,Costa Rica10°40\"N85°30\"W
LocationLatitudeLongitudeLos Chiles
Mona Pta.09°37\"N82°36\"W
Nicoya 10°09\"N85°27\"W
Nicoya G/ de 10°0\"N85°0\"W
Nicoya Pen. De 09°45\"N85°40\"W
Osa Pen de08°0\"N84°0\"W
Papagayo G. De 10°30\"N85°50\"W
Puerto Cortes08°55\"N84°0\"W
Puerto Quepos 09°29\"N84°06\"W
San vito 8°50\"N82°58\"W
Santa Cruz10°15\"N85°35\"W
Santa Elena C. 10°54\"N85°56\"W

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