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There space three significant airports serving the Washington, DC subway area. The many convenient in terms of ease of ground transportation is Reagan Washington nationwide Airport (DCA) due to the fact that it is served directly by the subway (elevated/subway train). Indigenous DCA permit 1-hour by subway to obtain to the Hyatt Regency Bethesda or the campus. Note: the subway runs until about midnight most nights therefore if girlfriend arrive later on for some factor you will have to take a cab to the hotel. This is usually not a problem since DCA doesn"t permit flights to land after about 11:00pm.

From Reagan Washington national Airport (DCA) to the Hyatt Regency Bethesda or

Follow the M (Metro signs) in the airport to the subway (Subway) stationTake the Yellow line (toward Mt. Vernon Sq/Convention Center) and also transfer to the Red heat (toward Grosvernor or Shady Grove) at gallery Place/Chinatown or,Take the Blue heat (toward Largo town Center)Transfer to the Red line (toward Grosvernor or Shady Grove) in ~ Metro center or gallery Place/ChinatownExit the Red line at the Bethesda Station and the Hyatt is best at the terminal exit.To get to continue to be on the Red line one much more stop and also exit in ~ Medical facility which is the entry allude to

Another choice is Dulles worldwide Airport (IAD), located about 20-miles west of Detailed below are several options to gain to the Hyatt Regency Bethesda or Allow at the very least 90-minutes for travel.

Washington Flyer Taxi (~$50 one way) - the last resort due to the cost however if girlfriend arrive so late at night it is yes sir to usage it.

The critical airport offer the DCA room is Baltimore Washington global Airport (BWI), located about 25-miles phibìc of Bethesda and about 10-miles southern of Baltimore. It is a an excellent airport if you are interviewing in ~ Johns Hopkins in Baltimore yet a little more complex for getting to Bethesda 보다 DCA or IAD. That is also a hub for Southwest airlines if you like to fly the budget plan approach. The options for acquiring from BWI come the Hyatt Regency Bethesda or include:

Washington MTA bus (every 40 minutes) come the Greenbelt Metro protect against - take it the eco-friendly Line and also transfer come the Red line at gallery Place/Chinatown, and follow the direction as provided for the Red heat from DCA. The entirety trip would take about 1.5-2-hours depending upon connections.Airport Taxis (~$65 one way) - the last resort due to cost yet if you come in so late at night usage this.

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Another option, specifically along the Northeast Corridor, is Amtrak. Cost is around the exact same as flying, however. You desire to take it the train come Union station in DC whereby you deserve to pick up the metro Red line as explained above. Links to Amtrak, supervisor Shuttle, Washington Flyer Coach, and Metro are provided below.