Dates and also prunes – permit us inspect out the difference between these two semi-bizarre fruits.

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Date: The oblong, fleshy fruit of the day palm, a staple food in northern Africa, Arabia, etc., and an essential export.Prune: A variety of plum that dries without spoiling; together a plum when dried; any plum.

As you can see from the definitions, a date is its “own” fruit, if a prune is yes, really a plum. In fact, prunes room often referred to as dried plums now, in an effort to to escape the food items of the negative, old-people connotations.

Both dates and also prunes:

Are sweet and chewy.Are used in desserts or jams.Are high in fiber – known to help digestion.


The trees space dioecious – the male and also female parts are get an impression on separate plants.Are available fresh or dried.The dried versions room sweeter 보다 fresh.Originated in the center East.Are high in calories.Have high levels of sugars: glucose, sucrose, and fructose.Come in many varieties.Are sweeter 보다 prunes – frequently too sweet come eat on your own.Are much more oblong-shaped than prunes.


Are dried plums (from a plum tree).Originated in Asia.Are low in calories.Do not have as many different varieties as dates.Are no as sweet together dates.

A cute blog referred to as The Quiling Doberman depicts a cook-off between baked products with dates, and also the exact same dishes using prunes.

The verdict: for many desserts, prunes can “ the task done,” yet “dates would clearly make the end result better.”

The extreme sweetness of days make castle a perfect ingredient in a dessert. But if you’re looking for a quick snack to munch on, prunes room the much better bet.

And through the way, figs:

Come indigenous fig trees.Like dates, room sweeter once dried.

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My Food Substitutions Bible lists figs and raisins together substitutions for dates. Prunes deserve to be substituted v figs, raisins, dried persimmons, dried blueberries, dried cherries, dried cranberries, or dried apricots. 

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