A NET holy centregalilee.com reader recently posted this concern in our comment database concerning Matthew 1:23:

“Should the surname be Immanuel rather of Emmanuel?”

This is a an excellent question because that a variety of reasons.

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A NET scriptures reader freshly posted this inquiry in our comment database worrying Matthew 1:23:

“Should the name be Immanuel rather of Emmanuel?”

This is a great question for a number of reasons.I can answer it best with some linguistic data, however there is an interesting facet of translation philosophy to consider at the exact same time. The concern is important due to the fact that the exact same name is spelled in different ways in two locations in the net centregalilee.com. Matthew 1:23 includes a quote of Isaiah 7:14. In the Isaiah passage, we interpret the name asImmanuel, starting with the letter I, however in the Matthew passage we interpret the name asEmmanuel, starting with the letter E. The various spellings ultimately are due to the fact that of various vowels provided in Hebrew and also Greek in this name:

The Hebrew name‏עִמָּנוּ אֵל is transliterated together ‘immanu el. The very first vowel in the name is generally regarded as the tantamount of a brief i in English.

The Greek name Ἐμμανουήλ is transliterated asEmmanuel. The first vowel in the surname is usually regarded together the tantamount of a brief e in English.

So each language offers a different vowel to start the name, and also we have retained those in our spellings in the network centregalilee.com.

The next question you can ask is, “Why no make that the same?” This it s okay to a more facility issue. For a range of reasons, there space sometimes alters in wording the passages in between the testaments. Even in Old testimony passages which are cited straight in the New, there have the right to be differences. Our approach of translation looks for to maintain these distinctions as a issue of accuracy, instead of changing them, for this reason the reader can recognize they room there and make an notified decision around what lock mean. This ideology is the little consequence in a passage choose this, where only a solitary short collection is in play, but in other areas it have the right to make for important differences in translation and also interpretation. Us feel it is finest to be accurate also when it comes to differences therefore the reader deserve to understand precisely what is walk on in the text.


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The Hebrew name ‏עִמָּנוּ אֵל is transliterated as ‘immanu el.

I admit my knowledge of Hebrew was learned top top the roadways of Jerusalem and also self-help books, yet this is mine question. Generally if one "i" shows up in the transliteration it is pronounced as a long E. Also, the Jews ns was approximately usually said:

"E guy oo el" with the E being a lengthy E. (And the "a" in "man" was not like man as in a "male", but much more like "mahn" together according to mine language DVDs, the "apple" sound of "a" doesn't exist in Hebrew.

One point I will say, though, is that there space so countless nationalities with so many different accents, I might just have actually been around a group that didn't have actually it right themselves.

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When i listen to mine Hebrew scriptures DVDs, it sure sounds come me favor they room speaking it through a long E.

I'm not an overwhelming you at all as you room an expert and I am at best a beginner. Just letting you recognize it doesn't complement my tiny experiences.

Thanks for every the initiative you put right into keeping the word as exact as possible. The is extremely necessary to us all!

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