Tummy button phobia deserve to be treated > numerous callers stated

that us missed one essential ‘button’ in yesterday’s Posting around koumpounphobia. And that is the fear of ship buttons, or omphalophobia if you want one more grandiose word.

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This phobia requires being afraid of having your belly switch touched or tugged one of two people by yourself or others. That is likewise the fear of seeing others touch their own bellybutton. Many suffers space able to look upon an untouched belly button, but come to be uncomfortable, nauseated and also anxious when one is gift touched, particularly their own. Others may come to be nauseous from simply a snapshot of a navel.

As for many phobias, treatment – specifically hypnotherapy – can be really effective.

Maybe the best means to describe the misery led to by this fear is to quote from a sufferer … “I really freak the end thinking around belly buttons being touch. Periodically I also think I will certainly vomit if i think also much about it. Ns cannot stand someone emotional their belly button and worse of all if someone would certainly touch mine – no that over there is any reason why castle should! ns feel a freak and also would never ever tell anyone for are afraid of gift laughed at. Also my parents don’t recognize it.” 

Omphalophobia is a serious phobia, but it IS treatable. Frequently the reason is the that there to be some type of traumatic event in the sufferer’s life. Also the body’s skin is thinnest there, so it feels favor a super-intimate ar for someone to be enabled to touch.

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The most important points come remember is that there is nothing to it is in ashamed of, you room not alone in having actually this phobia and it deserve to be cure easily.

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Daisy J says:
November 2012 at

My friend has actually a serious instance of Omphalophobia and I want to know it more. I am told the no one has actually done a study of patients who have actually it – is that right?From what I have seen on-line most people with is are many afraid that their ship buttons will certainly be traction out, along with their guts (is what friend think pillowgirl?).My friend says he is persuaded that every one of his insides would autumn out if anyone touched his belly button. He claims he *knows* the isn’t the case, however the are afraid is too strong.He is many afraid of spicy or pinching points going almost everywhere near his belly switch – also the sight of someone poking their belly button with a finger provides him gag and panic. I’ve make the efforts to work with that on it, and also now he can sort that clean his belly button in the shower if the doesn’t look in ~ it.He doesn’t understand what brought about his fear particularly, however he remembers when it started. Apparently once they eliminated his umbilical cord once he to be a infant they did a crappy job and also deep inside of his belly switch there is a tiny, dry, black piece of it still connected.I don’t recognize if everyone who is omphalophobic had some traumatising experience prefer this?