Think of a movie that has breathtaking distinct effects but no storyline. Does the have any kind of chances of ending up being a blockbuster? Of course not. The same is true with a PowerPoint presentation. No matter exactly how beautiful the visuals of your slide deck are, it will never ever be a success if the doesn’t monitor a logically sound structure.

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In this post, we’ll cover the standard structure of a PowerPoint presentation – what sections it should include – and administer some helpful tips on how to kinds the slides and also implement these concepts technically. Use these valuable guidelines come organize your slides in a clear and also simple method and conserve time on their development. Yet first, let’s view why your PPT deck needs to it is in guided through a structure.

Why Is Structuring a Presentation Important?

A sound deck structure is crucial for audience understanding. Once the info is gift logically, it’s much simpler for a viewer to obtain the message. The research study supports this idea – it reflects that world are 40% much more likely to maintain structured info than unstructured information.

If you’re going to accompany your slideshow through an oral presentation, a good structure is additionally important for you together a speaker. It will help you feel confident, remain on topic, and also avoid any awkward silences, so you’re an ext likely to success your audience over. 

What Is the usual Presentation Structure?

A great presentation constantly has a story to tell and, like any kind of narration, it is composed of three straightforward parts: introduction, body, and also conclusion. Stop look at each component in greater detail with part examples. 


The development sets the tone for the entire presentation and explains what the audience will certainly come away v after viewing it. Here are the slides you may need to include in the intro: 

The title. present the topic of your presentation and provide a brief description.
A table of contents / main menu. You deserve to make it interaction by utilizing hyperlinks. Viewers can pick a thing to navigate there. 
Objectives. State her presentation’s objectives to let your audience understand what brand-new knowledge they will acquire. 

The body

This is the main part of your presentation, which must keep the promises you make in the introduction. This is where you describe your topic and present all your information. 

Depending on the nature of your presentation, divide it into segments/points. Arrange her points in a logical order and also then provide information to assistance each that them. Over there are many different means to to organize your an essential points, because that example:

Number your points according to your priority (1, 2, 3, …)Place the clues in a time structure (past, present, future)Use narration (tell a story from beginning to end)Present the points with a problem-solution dynamic (state a problem, describe its impact, offer ways to solve the issue)


A good conclusion summarizes the an essential points friend made or highlights what the audience should have learned. It clarifies the basic purpose of her presentation and reinforces the reason for the town hall it. Here are the slides you may want come include:

Summary. list what purposes your audience have actually achieved, what expertise they got, and also how this info can aid them in the future.Conclusion. right here you have the right to thank her audience because that viewing the presentation.

Tips for Structuring a Presentation in PPT

Now that you recognize which components a common presentation must consist of, stop see how to structure it in PowerPoint. 

Watch this video clip tutorial or continue reading the article.

1. Incorporate slides into sections

When working with a large PowerPoint presentation (PPT), you can create sections that deserve to be collapsed and also expanded. This will assist you store slides organized and facilitate navigating in editing mode. To do that, follow this steps:

In the perform of slides, right-click on the one wherein you want the new section come begin, and also select Add Section from the drop-down menu.
Now right-click whereby it says Untitled Section, and also select Rename Section. Then type in the surname of the section. If necessary, repeat the procedure to create and also name various other sections.
To shift a section, right-click top top its name and use the Move ar Up and also Move ar Down options.To collapse or broaden a particular section, click the collapse icon to the left the the section name. You can additionally minimize and maximize all sections at when by right-clicking ~ above the section name and also choosing Collapse All or Expand All.

As well, friend can accessibility these setups by choosing Slide Sorter under the VIEW tab.


This type of segmentation is a an excellent way to overview the logical circulation of your slides every at once and also see if there are any type of changes required. Because that example, you might decide to break one slide into two or three, or the other method around.

2. Use the overview View

One other method to framework a PowerPoint presentation in the editing and enhancing mode is to usage Outline View. You can pick it from the VIEW tab.


This view doesn’t display sections, yet it reflects the title and also main text of every slide, i m sorry can offer you a rapid overview that the presentation contents. Below you have the right to go through the whole text and also edit the instantly. You can additionally work with text (on the left) and also slides (on the right) simultaneously, as the latter is shown on the right side of your screen.

Note that, to be displayed in an outline, text needs to it is in typed in a text placeholder, no a text box. A text placeholder is a box with the indigenous “Click to include text” or “Click to include title”, and also it appears when you pick a typical layout.

You can likewise use Outline View to encourage bullet message to titles and the other method around. To carry out that, right-click ~ above a relevant title or text and select the Promote or Demote options.


Be attentive about demoting a title, together this will delete the original slide and move that title and text to the surrounding slide.

PowerPoint only permits users to promote and also demote text, not whole slides. Therefore, yes sir no possibility to adjust the hierarchical order that slides.

3. Create a table of contents

All the abovementioned tips assist you theorem a presentation as soon as formatting it. However, it’s crucial that her viewers can easily navigate v the presentation too. One sure means to administer them through this chance is to produce an interactive and also structured table that contents.

Though yes sir no indigenous automatic synopsis in PowerPoint, it deserve to be developed manually:

Insert a table of contents into the title slide or a empty one. To add a slide, click on New Slide ~ above the ribbon. Then choose all the objects on the slide and delete them. 
For the chapters, friend will need to use the title of the slides. This is whereby the now familiar Outline View comes in handy. Girlfriend can accessibility it from the VIEW tab. Right-click everywhere on the overview pane, choose Collapse, climate Collapse All. This way, just the titles room displayed.
Press Ctrl+A to pick all the names, and also Ctrl+C come copy them. Then Press Ctrl+V to dough the replicated titles on the wanted slide. In situation there are too numerous titles and they nothing fit top top a single page, you can divide the table of components into 2 columns or place it on two slides.Now select and right-click the location of the first slide and also choose Link.
In the open window, click Place in This Document on the left-hand menu, then pick the equivalent slide and click OK.

You’ll need to repeat this procedure to attach all the chapters to matching slides. For more information, read this step-by-step guide on how to add a hyperlink in PowerPoint.

Now all the chapters deserve to be accessed from a solitary table of contents, i beg your pardon is very convenient. However, you will likewise need to connect them ago to that unifying page. You can do this through inserting an action Button ~ above every slide of your presentation in Slide understand mode:

Go come the VIEW tab and choose Slide Master.
Choose the first slide top top the left, then open up the Insert tab on the ribbon, click on Shapes and, under Action Buttons, pick the home button.
Place the Home switch anywhere on her slide – that’s where it will show up on every one of them. As soon as you’ve put it, the Action Settings window will appear. Under Hyperlink to: pick Slide… and then select the one through the table that contents. 

Now there is a solitary page from which all the other pages have the right to be quickly accessed. Together well, it’s possible to go earlier to the table of contents at any time v the intuitive residence button.

Depending ~ above the size of your presentation, the moment it takes to develop an interactive outline might vary, together you will require to include hyperlinks come every thing manually. Be conscious that if you rename a slide or simply delete it, these changes will not be automatically registered in the table the contents. For example, if you delete a slide, that is title will certainly still be presented in the table the contents, yet clicking on it won’t lead the viewer to another point in the presentation.

This is what our sample presentation watch like:



As you have the right to see, the brand-new presentation has actually a pop-up outline and also a navigating panel, which do it possible to relocate to any type of slide at any kind of time without leaving the slide display mode. 

How to collection up navigation

To create navigation in her presentation, monitor these straightforward steps:

Open PowerPoint and also switch to the iSpring Suite tab. Click on Slide Properties ~ above the toolbar.
Here you can see the slide titles. Unequal in PowerPoint, you can offer a slide any name nevertheless of the text in the placeholder. Friend can also organize slides right into a pecking order by transforming their nesting levels. To carry out that, select any type of slide(s) and also click top top the Promote or Demote buttons ~ above the toolbar. 
To fallen or increase nested slides, use the “-” and “+” symbols to the left of a top-level slide. The arranged slides can likewise be quickly minimized and also maximized throughout presentation playback, due to the fact that they show up as menus and also sub-menus in the outline.PowerPoint doesn’t have actually a certain panel wherein you have the right to simply set up the navigating of every the slides – you need to configure the manually because that each slide, which is awkward and also time consuming. Through iSpring Suite, friend can quickly turn a linear presentation right into an engaging non-linear scenario. To execute that, choose a slide and also click on the Branching button on the ribbon. Now choose the corresponding slides for users’ forward and also backward actions, or None to lock navigation.
When you’ve configured the Slide Properties settings, click on Save & Close in the upper-left corner.

How come configure an outline

Whereas PowerPoint calls for the summary to it is in designed manually, iSpring Suite has already prepared it for you. In ~ the same time, girlfriend don’t need to stick with the standard summary template, together you can conveniently customize the player’s final look and also feel:

On the iSpring Suite toolbar, click Publish.
Find Player and also click ~ above Universal (Full)
In the opened window, you can specify which facets to display and also where. Here, you can likewise decide where to placed the outline. 
Customize the color scheme and also edit message using the Colors and message Labels alternatives on the ribbon, respectively.
When you have actually finished configuring the player, click Apply & Close in the upper-left corner.Now you deserve to publish your amplified presentation either to HTML5, to make it easily obtainable via web browser on any type of device, or MP4 video format. If you going to upload her presentation come an LMS, you have the right to publish it to any type of eLearning format: SCORM, AICC, believe Can, or cmi5. 

While a conventional PowerPoint slideshow is straightforward and limited, iSpring Suite conserves viewers from having to follow a strict slide order. An interactive and also searchable outline permits non-linear navigation, where any kind of information can be accessed at any type of time at a glance.

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Another perk

iSpring Suite comes with Content Library, which offers a an excellent collection that presentation templates and allows you to develop professional-looking presentations in a issue of minutes. Each theme includes an easy course elements: a location slide, a table of contents, chapters, a timeline, and info slides. Organize lock in the order girlfriend prefer, populate them through your texts and also images, and also your presentation is prepared to go.


We hope this write-up will assist you develop suitable structure for your PowerPoint presentation and also do this quickly and also easily. 

Do friend have any type of other insights on how to leveling PowerPoint slide design? you re welcome share lock in the comment section. We’d choose to hear indigenous you.