On this page you’ll discover a complete list that French color vocabulary. The page covers the most straightforward colors, rules for gender commitment (colors are thought about adjectives and agreement rules must apply), too as comprehensive list that lesser known and much more specific colors. Rosetta rock also go a good job spanning names of colors. Authorize up for a free trial the Rosetta’s French course here.

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Most common colors

beige beigeblack noirblue bleubrown marrongreen vertgrey grisorange orangepink rosered rougetan bronzéwhite blancyellow jaune

Rules for gender agreement

As colors space adjectives castle must match the sex and variety of the noun they’re describing. Because that example, a white house is, une maison blanche. Blanche is the feminine singular form of white. If you desire to say “white houses” you need to say, des maisons blanches.

blacknoir noirenoirsnoires
bluebleubleue bleus bleues
brownmarron marronmarronmarron
dark bluebleu foncé bleu foncée bleu foncésbleu foncées
greygris grisegrisgrises
light bluebleu clair bleu clairebleu clairesbleu claires
orangeorange orangeorangeorange
pinkrose roserosesroses
redrouge rougerougesrouges
whiteblanc blancheblancsblanches
yellowjaune jaunejaunesjaunes

Notes on gender agreement

Basic commitment is together follows:

un vélo vert, une voiture verte a eco-friendly bike, a eco-friendly carun panetlon noir, une chemise noire black color pants, a black shirt

If a shade ends in the letter -e in both the masculine and also feminine forms, there’s nothing to change. For example:

un chemisier jaune, une jupe jaune a yellow blouse, a yellow skirt

The colour marron (brown) and orange (orange) room invariable. This way that they’re the same for all the forms. Because that example:

une chemise orange, des chemises orange orange shirt, orange shirtsune maison marron, des maisons marrons brown house, brown houses

The indigenous clair and also foncé have the right to be added to colors median light and also dark, respectively. An alert that lock aren’t hyphenated prefer in English. Because that example:

un chapeau vert foncé a dark-green hatun costume bleu claire a light-blue suit

Colors can likewise be nuanced with facets from nature. Here are some examples:

jaune citron yellow lemonrouge framboise red rasberrybleu nuit night bluebleu turquoise blue turquoisegris souris grey mouse

These kinds of color adjectives don’t require sex or number agreement.

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Because that example:

des lunettes gris souris grey glassesune veste bleu turquoise a blue-turquoise jacket

Finally, the indigenous vif and also pale can be included to colors come express bright and light, respectively. Because that example:

rose vif bright pinkvert pâle light green

List of highly certain colors

amethyst améthysteapple green pommeapricot colored abricotazure, skies blue azurblack and white piebright yellow topazebright yellow serinbrown-red puceburgundy lie-de-vincaramel-colored caramelcarmine red, crimson carminceladon céladonchampagne champagnecharcoal grey gris anthracitecherry red cerisechestnut-brown châtaignechocolate brown chocolatcobalt blue cobaltcopper-colored cuivrécoral corailcream-colored crèmecyclamen cyclamendaffodil yellow jonquilledark blue bleu foncédark brown tête-de-nègredark green cul-de-bouteilledark green pastèquedark orange tangoebony ébèneemerald-green émeraudeflesh-colored chairgarnet-colored grenatgolden dorégray-blue ardoisegreen-yellow résédagreeny-yellow caca d’oiegreyish-brown bistrehazel, nut-brown noisetteindigo-blue bleu indigoiridescent gorge de pigeonivory ivoirejade eco-friendly jadekhaki kakilavender lavandelemon-yellow citronlight blue bleu clairlight brown café-au-laitlight yellow bullelight yellow isabelline isabellelime green tilleullovat green vert-de-grismahogany acajoumother that pearl nacremouse gray sourismuli-colored multicoloremustard yellow moutardenavy blue outremerolive environment-friendly oliveorangey-red, russet capucineperiwinkle pervenchepetrol blue pétrolepistachio green pistacheplum aubergineplum-colored prunepoppy red, dark red ponceau, coquelicotpurple violetpurple-red opéraputty-colored masticrainbow-colored arc-en-cielraspberry pink framboisered-brown briquered-maroon sang-de-bœufrusset, yellowish brown feuille-morterust-colored rouillesaffron, saffron-yellow safransalmon pink saumonsalt and pepper poivre et selsapphire blue saphirsepia sépiasilver argentéstraw-colored pailletobacco-brown tabacturquoise turquoisevermilion, glowing red vermillonyellow ocher ocre jauneyellow ochre chamoisyellow-green absinthe
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