The John Philip Sousa Award is an optional award a high institution band director may award to among his students. That is restricted to one per college per year (or 2 in the rare event of a tie). The award recognizes superior musicianship, dependability, loyalty, and also cooperation. Band directors might order the award from The Instrumentalist magazine (200 Northfield, Northfield, IL 60093 … phone call 847-446-8550 or visit your website).

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For a list of previous man Philip Sousa award winners, visit

The Semper Fidelis Award may likewise be awarded to high college band students. Tape directors the wish to nominate a college student (a small or an elderly who holds a “first chair” position) should call the local U.S. Naval recruiter serving their high school. (Thanks come Sgt. Michael J. Bess because that this information!)


No. That was written by Meredith Willson because that his famed musical “The Music Man”, which was a fight both top top Broadway and as a 1962 musical movement picture starring Robert Preston and Shirley Jones.

What is not widely well-known is that Meredith Willson in reality performed with Sousa’s band as a flute/piccolo player for numerous years. This tape experience and small-town Iowa roots influenced him to compose the musical.

What's the surname of that march that goes, "Oh, the monkey sheathe its tail around the flagpole..."?

I don’t know why this is just one of the most popular questions I acquire asked, however it is! The march this words to be concocted for is not by Sousa at all. They walk to E. E. Bagley’s “National Emblem” march, probably the most famous non-Sousa patriotic march. Ns don’t understand the beginning of the words, however I’m relatively sure the Mr. Bagley go not write them! one more interesting fact about National Emblem: the melody an initial strain is based upon “The Star Spangled Banner.”

No. As much as the Library of Congress can ascertain, the very first time “Hail come the Chief” was associated with a president remained in 1815. An old account tells about its gift played in Boston top top Feb. 22 that year in ~ a share celebration that Washington’s birthday and also the finish of the war of 1812. The first documented performance for the president to be July 4, 1828 once the naval Band played it for man Quincy Adams in ~ the groundbreaking of the C&O Canal (thanks come Capt. Candid Byrne of the U.S. Maritime Band for this info).

James Sanderson, an Englishman, composed the music together a part of his work setup a part of the poem by teacher Walter Scott, “The Lady the the Lake,” come music. The was approximately 1810. The music an initial appeared in the unified States roughly 1812.

President Chester A. Arthur request Sousa to create a replacement because that it. Sousa responded through both the “Presidential Polonaise” and his personal favorite march, “Semper Fidelis”. Arthur didn’t live come hear Semper Fi, and neither item was able come oust “Hail to the Chief”. Semper Fidelis went on to come to be the main march that the naval Corps.

The Bovaco Catalog, originally started by Leonard B. Smith, carries original editions of many Sousa marches among over 2000 various other outstanding and hard-to-find vintage band arrangements. Download their directory from or acquisition music online from Sheet Music Plus.

Yes! Click here to check out Title 36, ar 10, paragraph 188 of the United claims Code, designating “The Stars and Stripes Forever” together the main march that the unified States.

There are stories in my family about a loved one that played v Sousa's Band. Why is my family member not noted in the band roster on her page?

The Sousa tape roster included ~ above this site is reproduced native Appendix B the Kenneth Berger’s book “The march King and his Band”. In his book, Mr. Berger cites many obstacles in developing a comprehensive listing of all the musicians who played in Sousa’s Band. That excludes members of his U.S. Maritime Band (1880-1892) and members the his “Jackies” band at the U.S. Great Lakes naval Academy during world War I. It also does not encompass the countless local musicians who were enabled the respect of “sitting in” through the Sousa Band throughout tour performances. The listing is neither official nor comprehensive, yet it is the ideal listing recognized to me.

I heard a story the Sousa was yes, really an immigrant called John Philipso but since his steam boat trunk to be labeled "John Philipso, U.S.A.", he changed his surname to SOUSA. Is this true?

Not true. There are several versions quiet floating around, all based on rumors the he added the U-S-A come his critical name the end of thin patriotism. This is, however, false. Sousa’s father was the immigrant, and Sousa (or Souza, or De Sousa) is a well-known Portuguese family members name. The story was began by the Sousa Band’s manager as a publicity stunt throughout one of the band’s europe tours, and it still endures virtually 80 years after Sousa’s death.

Yes. The Corporation because that Public Broadcasting’s series “The American Experience” produced one hour-long special entitled “If girlfriend Knew Sousa”.

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 It is sometimes re-run top top PBS and A&E networks, and also should additionally be accessible from your local library.