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Question - (19 January 2008) 4 Answers - (Newest, 23 October 2011)A femaleage 30-35,anonymouswrites:


ok so this is simply a question about where, and also how to walk from kissing, bt not bring about sex.

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I constantly have great fun with guys, kissing them, yet i constantly get the impression during kissing these men that they want more. And also i know id prefer it to progress however i never ever really recognize what come do.

i just need to currently whats the following apropriate action to enter after kissing, and what ns suposd come do. Simply to have a little an ext fun , and experience :)

sometimes the guys will go to finger me but i dont understand if thats also far??


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A femalereader, lola891027673  +, to write (23 October 2011):

you simply kiss more, and also longer(: 3

A malereader, daletom  +, write (22 January 2008):

If you are kissing - yes, really kissing - you\"ve already started leading him to sex.

The question should be, \"What can we do brief of sex?\". The prize is, \"Just about anything classified as \"foreplay\".\". And also what is \"Going as well far\"? the question has been approximately for a long time, however at your age and the current state that your partnership I think girlfriend should organize off indigenous the things that space intended come directly carry on orgasm, like dental sex, deep fingering, etc. Conserve that intimacy for a an ext special relationship.

Caressing and also fondling, v your apparel or (later) under your clothes might be your following step.


A femalereader, Laura1318 

 +, to write (22 January 2008):

After kissing , the following stage is light petting.You gently caress each other on your backs, hands and body. Then you advanced to heavy petting by poignant those erroneous zones .If girlfriend feel that is enough , you stop it.

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Fingering is as well far...


Afemale reader, anonymous, writes (20 January 2008):

okay this is what i think.sometimes once a male kisses girlfriend he would desire you to go farther.and on mine opinion ns wouldn\"t go previous the kissing simply yet.to me that seems like he\"s do the efforts to get into her pants.Just have fun but not to much fun since if you need to much fun it could lead into something else.I hope ns helped.

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