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1. Synopsis of the legislative Process 5:09
2. Development and Referral of Bills 3:19
3. Committee Consideration 3:39
4. Calendars and also Scheduling 2:35
5. Home Floor 3:53
6. Senate Floor 4:17
7. Executive business in the Senate 1:59
8. Solving Differences 3:29
9. Presidential Actions 1:58

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A bill need to be agreed come by both chambers in the same type before it have the right to be presented to the President. (Notably, the U.S. Constitution needs that any type of bill with revenue provisions have to be a home bill. Through this exception, it does not matter if a bill is passed an initial by the Senate or if the is passed an initial by the House.) as soon as one chamber overcome a bill, the is engrossed – the is, all set in official type – and then sent (or messaged) to the other chamber. In a bulk of cases, the 2nd chamber simply agrees come the precise text passed by the very first chamber, in which situation has actually then completed its action on the bill.

In part cases, the second chamber rather decides come amend the an initial chamber’s bill. The 2nd chamber is often proposing, in effect, an different version of the bill, which might differ from the invoice in minor or substantial ways. In some circumstances, the different may even embody a proposal ~ above a various topic. As soon as the second chamber agrees come this proposed alternative to the bill, it might send the proposal back to the an initial chamber for feasible consideration and also a vote. The receiving room may also respond through a counterproposal, and so on. This back-and-forth trading of suggest by the House and also Senate is referred to as amendment exchange, or sometimes just ping-pong. For the invoice to have actually a opportunity of becoming law, one chamber must ultimately agree come the proposal the the various other chamber sent out it.

Sometimes, the resolution of differences between the House and also Senate proposals may instead be achieved through a conference committee. A conference committee is a short-lived committee formed in relationship to a specific bill; its job is to negotiate a proposal that can be agreed to by both chambers. Every conference committee is consisted of of members the the House and also members the the Senate – dubbed conferees – that are drawn primarily from the committees with jurisdiction over the bill. V a mix of unshened negotiations and formal meetings, the conferees try to hammer out a compromise, illustration on aspects of the completing proposals the were embraced by every chamber. If a proposal have the right to garner the assistance of a majority of the house conferees, and additionally separately, a majority of the Senate conferees, then the negotiated proposal is embodied in a conference report. This conference report deserve to then be considered in one chamber, and, if agreed to, then thought about in the various other chamber. Nevertheless of which chamber goes first, the conference report is thought about under sets of measures used for other business.

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Because that example, keep in mind that reaching a poll on a conference report in the Senate may require a cloture process. Because that the bill to relocate to the next step in ending up being law needs both chambers come agree to the conference report there is no changes.

Diagram of the legislative Process

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