We always see this reaction problem called “Reflux” when we study Organic Chemistry and their reactions.

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I realised alot of students execute not understand the true an interpretation of a reflux. This includes some of my JC2 and IB students that recently sign up with our A-Level H2 Chemistry Tuition Classes.

So what really is Reflux?

Many organic chemical reactions take very long to complete, and also in bespeak to speed up this reactions, warm is applied. However, necessary compounds space usually basic molecular frameworks with short boiling points. Together such, most organic chemicals are fairly volatile, and also if heated they will certainly evaporate and also be lost. The systems to this trouble is to heat the reaction mixture under reflux.

Diagram below shows the simple set-up that Refluxing:

(Source that diagram: Wikipedia)


Reflux entails heating the chemistry reaction because that a details amount that time, if continually cooling the vapour produced ago into liquid form, making use of a condenser. The vapours produced above the reaction continually undergo condensation, return to the flask as a condensate.

The reactants because that reflux experiments deserve to be solid and also liquid, or both liquids.

The condenser is always totally filled with water to ensure effective cooling.

The vapours, i beg your pardon are given off indigenous the fluid reaction mixture, change from gas phase ago to liquid phase as result of heat loss. This then reasons the liquid mixture come fall earlier into the round bottom flask.

In this way, we can ensure the the chemical reaction including organic compounds will provide a higher yield the product.

You will watch the use of reflux in countless different subject in H2 essential Chemistry. The is usually proclaimed as “Heat with reflux” under the “Conditions” section.

Hope you uncover the information beneficial towards your learning of advanced Organic Chemistry.

I hope you discover the content basic for your understanding and if you have any kind of questions, leave me a comment below. Feel totally free to re-publishing this blog write-up with your friends.

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