Thirteen factors Why takes location in a fictitious suburban town dubbed Crestmont in the unified States. Though the temporal context is not explicitly mentioned, it is apparent that the story is collection during the 2000s.

The narration the the book flips back and forth in between Clay Jensen and also Hannah Baker. Clay narrates in genuine time, whereas Hannah’s narration is a prerecorded an overview of previous events. When they narrate, both Clay and Hannah speak in the first-person point of view.

The ton of Thirteen reasons Whys is somber and also serious, with facets of dark feeling interlaced. The atmosphere is tense and anxious together Clay waits because that his tape come begin, and then tragic once Hannah reaches she breaking point.

The protagonists of the novel room Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. The antagonists space bullying, rumors, and also rape culture, all of which room personified by the baker’s dozen.

The significant conflict that Thirteen reasons Why is Clay grappling with the possibility that he played a role in Hannah’s suicide.

The party wherein Hannah and also Clay have actually “their night” is the orgasm of the publication (316). This party is where every one of the baker’s dozen and also their stories tangle and also collide.

Hannah’s story has plenty of recurring elements, and also the story of she classmates room all connected. Due to the fact that of this, Hannah makes frequent use of foreshadowing in her tapes, frequently taunting her listeners by hinting at the revelations and also exposed keys yet come come. Below are several examples from the text:

“I should have waited till ~ school. I should have offered Jenny one last day the peace. Though she doesn’t deserve it.” (10)

“And Justin, honey, pole around. You’re not going to think where her name pops increase next.” (50)

“Plus, he’s acquired a entirety tape every to himself…” (74)

“Which is an extremely unfortunate, together it transforms out. But that is because that a later tape.” (87)

“Let me tell you the there is a much bigger, more important party later on in the tapes.” (153)


When Clay goes come Tony’s residence to borrow the Walkman, Tony asks him those going on. After ~ thinking, “Oh, well, since you asked, I gained a bunch that tapes in the mail this particular day from a girl who killed herself. Apparently, I had actually something to perform with it,” Clay responds to Tony, “Not much” (52). This is a macabre, however comedic, usage of understatement.


When stating her and Clay’s relationship, Hannah quotes lines native Shakespeare’s Romeo and also Juliet. Clearly, she look at connections between the well known tragedy of the star-crossed lovers, and also her and also Clay.


See “Imagery” ar of the guide.




There space several uses of parallelism in Thirteen factors Why. Clay watch parallels between himself and Hannah, and also between Hannah and also Skye:

“We to walk those roads together, Hannah. Various routes, but at the very same time. Top top the exact same night. Us walked the roads to acquire away. Me, indigenous you. And also you, indigenous the party. However not simply from the party.” (392)

“But Skye’s walking down the same stretch that hall whereby I watched Hannah slip away two weeks ago. On the day, Hannah disappeared right into a group of students, allowing the tapes come say she good-bye. However I have the right to still hear the footsteps that Skye Miller, sound weaker and also weaker the more she gets.” (449)

Metonymy and Synecdoche



Hannah anthropomorphizes the scar Jessica provides her, and also describes just how it says “good morning” to her once she starts she day and “sleep tight” once she goes come bed (106).

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Why did ms Antilly speak to Hannah right into school a week before it started?

Mrs. Antilly referred to as Hannah and Jessica right into school early in stimulate to encourage a friendship.

And then the three of united state laughed. Jessica and also I had very similar laughs, i beg your pardon made us laugh even harder. Ms. Antilly’s laugh wasn’t fairly as heartfelt…more...

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What happens to Clay while he's in the candy shop?

From the text:

I can’t lug myself to look toward the front counter. No yet. I don’t desire to imagine she standing there. In ~ the ago of the store, behind a wall of see-through doors, are the refrigerated drinks. And also even despite I’m no thirsty,...

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Discuss Skye’s role in the story.

Skye to be Clay’s eighth-grade crush, yet over the years she withdrew from school society. At the end of the novel, after listening come Hannah’s tapes, Clay realizes that Skye could be having actually the very same traumatic experiences as Hannah. Figured out not...

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