This is the next article in our “What was the writer Thinking?” collection and particularly the story behind ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

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As with the other authors covered in this series, Stephen King and Philip K. Dick, ray Bradbury additionally had a unique attach to L. Ron Hubbard and Ron’s psychological thriller, Fear. But an ext about that later.

Just together the events of people War II influenced Philip K. Dick to create Do Androids Dream of electrical Sheep, the grim event in history also had an influence on beam Bradbury and his novel.

The Backstory

Fahrenheit 451 presents a future dystopian American culture where books are outlawed and also “firemen” are charged through burning any that space found. That is called for the reality that in ~ 451° paper catches fire and burns.

Bradbury grew up in Waukegan, Illinois, and also hung roughly the fire station as a kid along with his dad. Later he heard about book burnings developing in Germany, Russia and also China, and the story the the an excellent libraries of Alexandria being damaged by flames part 2,000 years ago. Bradbury frequented libraries starting at the age of eight. As he never ever attended college, he taken into consideration libraries to be his “university.” In his own words:


Ray Bradbury, 1975, photograph by Alan Light

Bradbury read Fear as a young male as he defined it in a letter to L. Ron ha on may 28, 1981:

“When i was two decades old and also your Fear was released I to be so impression by it the I composed a radio script based upon it, and got part friends to execute some disc-recordings that it because that my private listening. That’s a lengthy time back and the discs long because lost, however the storage lingers. The was a lovely piece of creating you did on that. Through admiration, and extr thanks. Yours, ray Bradbury.”

So, in enhancement to being a book lover, a humanitarian, a writer and also a poet, ray Bradbury likewise had a hand in radio theatre and also the initial talking books. A dead the recordings no longer exist, however, Bradbury’s thirst because that life, love and also adventure will constantly linger with his immortal works of speculative fiction.

And, through the composing of Fahrenheit 451, might we never ever witness book burning again.

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Discover for you yourself why Fear impressed ray Bradbury, Stephen King and also Philip K. Dick.