In The impressive Spider-man, Peter Parker is poking roughly Oscorp when he goes into a silk thread creating chamber. The disrupts the device (or something) and every one of the spiders autumn to the ground. One of them eventually bites him.

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Was there something special about Peter, or that specific spider, or might anyone obtain the exact same powers by gift bitten by one of those hundreds of special spiders?


Updated based upon The impressive Spider-Man 2

No. The spiders would certainly not have effectively given strength to simply anyone.

In a video log, Richard Parker describes that his very own DNA had actually been fused v that the the spiders. Just someone with common DNA (such together Peter, or most likely Ben Parker) would successfully gain strength from the spiders.

Original answer based upon The amazing Spider-Man

In-Movie answer: No, not simply anyone would probably acquire the powers.

Dr. Connors pointed out that every cross-species DNA merge caused death. Even with what should have been a stable formula, Connors human body did no react to the formula the same method - transforming him right into a giant Lizard if Peter simply obtained powers.

Not-Quite-In-Movie answer: There is most likely something special about Peter.

There is a great write-up around The Untold Story i beg your pardon was reduced out that the movie. It discusses hints of deleted scenes that were in trailers and pieces them in addition to the last film come theorize the an alleged \"Untold Story\".

Months back I said you men that i heard rumors the The remarkable Spider-Man would be making a simple, but huge, adjust to Spider-Man’s origin. No much longer would the spider bite change Peter Parker right into a superhero. Rather, the spider bite would activate something already within him that would certainly make him a superhero.


The first major note is quiet in the movie. Curt Connors is talking around how every various other subject upon whom cross-species DNA merging to be attempted died. The does not know that he is speaking to the one success story. But how go Peter survive? The movie pipeline this type of dangling there, but the hints are in prior of your face. Peter was bitten by a spider... A spider the Peter’s father bred. A spider favor the one under glass in the film’s prologue. A spider like the one ~ above the chalk plank in his father’s office.

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In the very first and critical trailers us hear a guy - plainly Mr. Ratha - whispering ‘Do friend think what occurred to you, Peter, to be an accident? perform you have any idea what you yes, really are?’ That absolutely sounds favor a referral to Peter’s hereditary destiny, and also a clip that i don’t think is in the perfect film. Judging by the to whisper I’m going to guess - and this is simply a guess - that it is Ratha’s dice words come Peter ~ the Lizard does the in. This is a movie that seems choose it should have at the very least one info dump dying declaration in it, and this would have actually been it.