What is the meaning of the flowers by Alice Walker?

‘The Flowers’ is a short story by Alice Walker that explores a young girl named Myop’s time as a child ending when she discovers the body of a violently murdered man. … The symbols from this story include: Flowers: the flowers may represent innocence. When Myop sets them aside, she sets aside her childhood.

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What is the tone of the flowers by Alice Walker?

The setting and tone are lighthearted as she collects flowers and enjoys the warm sun. Towards the end of the story, the tone of the story shifts and becomes darker or more ominous. This begins the second plot line of Walker’s story.

Why does MYOP lay down her flowers?

Myop lays down her flowers…she puts DOWN the symbols of innocence and beauty. … She feels her own loss of innocence and the pain of loss so she understands she can no longer possess what the flowers represent.4 мая 2018 г.

Why do you think the title of the story is the flowers?

What is the significance of the word flowers in the title? Flowers are an important symbol in the story, representing the beauty and sweetness of innocence, ignorance and youth. Myop carries flowers with her that are as beautiful and unknowing as she is…

What is the conflict in the flowers by Alice Walker?

The key conflict in this story is between innocence and experience, or the innocence of Myop, the key character, in her childlike wonder and attitude to the world, and then the state of experience that she is ushered into at the end of the story when she discovers the body of the lynched man and realises the full …

What does MYOP stand for?

MYOPAcronymDefinitionMYOPMake Your Own PizzaMYOPMy Other Professor (website)MYOPMultiyear Operational Plan

What is the climax of the flowers by Alice Walker?

Answer and Explanation: In “The Flowers”, the climax occurs when Myop realizes the rope beneath the wild rose is a noose and that the dead man had been hanged.

Why did Alice Walker write the flowers?

Answer and Explanation: Alice Walker wrote “The Flowers” to express how quickly one can lose their innocent outlook on life. The main character in the short story,…

When did the flowers take place?

130 million years ago

Who is MYOP in the flowers?

Myop. An innocent, ten-year-old black girl at the start of the story, enjoying a walk and gathering flowers on a nice day. She has no cares in the world and is happy. She discovers a dead man and is unafraid.

How did the narrator solve the mystery of the flower ring?

❤Here is your answer : Ans. The narrator found the ring from the left side pocket of the woman’s coat. … The narrator, being a vigilant and keen observer, found out that the lady had picked up the ring from the chewing gum very neatly and put it in her coat’s pocket.

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How does the flower of truth metaphor in paragraph 33 change the tone of the story?

Answer: The tone of the story was changed to the tone of joy with the use of ‘flower of Truth’ metaphor in paragraph 33.