The this fairy is a heritage quite popular amongst the kids, and also parents usually come up v names because that the this fairy to do them fun for the children.

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But, providing the tooth fairy a great name that would constantly work with the children can be difficult. After all, the name should excite the child and not be as well boring!

Kids love to think that the this fairy collects their teeth and also crushes castle to do fairy dust and distributes it amongst all the fairies therefore they have the right to spread your magic. Children might favor to create to the tooth fairy when they lose their an initial tooth in the hope of a response from this magical number telling castle they have actually been great children and profitable them. Parents usually write letter from these fairies to their children, and while doing so, there space times as soon as the youngsters ask for the fairy name. This is due to the fact that the personalized letters from the tooth fairy require a surname at the end. Names prefer Ariel, Fawn, Tianna, Peter space a few names that optimal the fairy name list, but it could get confusing because that a parental to select one name. So here is a this fairy names list for your kids to create to.

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Male Fairy Names

Boy tooth fairy name are quite rare come find. Though "fairy" is a gender-neutral term, choose the appropriate masculine this fairy surname from the list listed below that can be offered for your little child an initial tooth fairy.

1. Alberich.

2. Alston.

3. Alvin- this will be a name that your boy will love as a this fairy motivated by the cartoon series "Alvin and also the Chipmunks".

4. Ambrose.

5. Brucie (Scottish origin) meaning "forest fairy".

6. Cein.

7. Dain.

8. Donald.

9. Drake; sounds prefer a perfect pop-culture name for your kid"s this fairy.

10. Elvin (Irish, Old English origin) definition "leader that Elves".

11. Fayette (French origin) meaning "little fairy".

12. Hai (Vietnamese origin) meaning "fairy shoe".

13. Jack Dewberry.

14. Nicholas Wildflower; is a smart name for a tooth fairy.

15. Oren.

16. Peter (Greek origin) meaning "stone, rock"; associated with Peter pan.

17. Shimmer Moon - Rider.

18. Suelita (Spanish origin) an interpretation "little lily".

19. Terence.

20. Zephyr (Greek origin) meaning "God the west wind".

Fairy Names because that Girls


A fairy name the suits girls well is discovered in abundance. Below you have the right to pick a female tooth fairy surname that will be perfect for your kid to compose to.

21. Acacia (Greek origin) method "thorny tree"; this symbolizes immortality and also resurrection.

22. Alalia.

23. Alina.

24. Almur (Basque origin) meaning "mother that the earth".

25. Alura. This is a mystifying fairy name.

26. Ambrosine (Greek origin) an interpretation "immortal".

27. Ange HoneySuckle.

28. Angelic Lightessa.

29. Angeliki Belle.

30. Azuka (African origin) meaning "past glory".

31. Blossom; your kid will love the idea the receiving a letter from the tooth fairy motivated by the "Powerpuff Girls" cutie.

32. Breena (Irish origin) an interpretation "fairy palace".

33. Clairette.

34. Cleantha.

35. Diana; a world-famous name the your child will love because that sure.

36. Donella.

37. Elga (Slavic origin) definition "sacred".

38. Elgiva.

39. Ella (Greek, Norman origin) an interpretation "fairy maiden, Goddess".

40. Elva.

41. Elvena.

42. Emerenta.

43. Erlina.

44. Fawn (English origin) definition "young deer".

45. Faye (Middle English origin) meaning "fairy"; is a literal meaning and great name for her child"s tooth fairy that she will certainly surely love.

46. Faylinn (Irish origin) meaning "graceful woman".

47. Gaea/Gaia; is one of the names connected with the "Mother Earth" and can make a perfect this fairy find.

48. Gelsey (English origin) meaning "jasmine".

49. Glow Morning - Glory.

50. Ilona is the traditional fairy name linked with the Queen of the Fairies in Magyar folklore.

51. Jasmine; associating her child"s tooth fairy with "Aladdin" and also his lover will make your son love the this fairy even more.

52. Laila (Arabic, Hebrew origin) meaning "night".

53. Lilly.

54. Liriope; associated with the name of the mommy of Narcissus.

55. Luella.

56. Lunette (French origin) meaning "little moon".

57. Marigold.

58. Maurelle (French origin) definition "dark elfin".

59. Myrrh.

60. Naida (Arabic origin) meaning "water nymph".

61. Nata.

62. Nerida (Greek origin) definition "sea nymph".

63. Niamh (Irish, Gaelic origin) an interpretation "bright"; connected with the ireland Sea God"s daughter.

64. Nissa (Scandanavian origin) definition "elf, fairy".

65. Nixie - definition "water sprite"; rhymes well v the surname "pixie" and is also associated with the this fairy or fairies in general.

66. Nolana (Gaelic origin) an interpretation "fair".

67. Olette (Latin origin) an interpretation "small winged one".

68. Oona.

69. Orla (Irish origin) meaning "golden princess".

70. Parisa By.

71. Rain Sweetie Pie.

72. Raisa.

73. Raisie is rather an unusual yet catchy fairy surname for a tooth fairy.

74. Rosa (Latin origin) definition "rose flower".

75. Rose.

76. Rosetta (Italian origin) an interpretation "little rose".

77. Roxanne.

78. Sebille -Meaning "a fairy."

79. Sen (Japanese origin) meaning "lotus, woodland elf".

80. Siofra (Irish, Gaelic origin) an interpretation "elf".

81. Suzanne.

82. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) meaning "graceful."

83. Tana (Greek origin) meaning "fire or star Goddess".

84. Tatiana.

85. Tertia.

86. Tiana (Russian origin) meaning "fairy queen".

87. Tien (Vietnamese origin) definition "fairy".

88. Tinkerbell - an interpretation "mischievous fairy, an actual thinker".

89. Una (Irish origin) an interpretation "truth, beauty, and also unity".

90. Virginia Mistletoe.

Gender-Neutral an excellent Tooth Fairy Names


As fairy is a non-binary term, find a couple of unisex this fairy names" principles that you will love your son to create to.

91. Alva (Swedish origin) meaning "elf".

92. Ariel (Hebrew origin) an interpretation "lion of God".

93. Bliss - meaning "perfect joy"; what better than naming your child"s this fairy as the one who"d bring the boy joy and happiness?

94. Cameo (Greek origin) definition "shadow portrait".

95. Carling (Gaelic origin) meaning "little champion".

96. Doodle-Bug Sunbeam.

97. Fossette (Old French origin) definition "small cavity"; is a perfect word come take together a name for your baby"s tooth fairy.

98. Nidaw (Omaha aboriginal American origin) meaning "fairy".

99. Puck.

100. Rhoslyn - an interpretation "moor pool".

101. Shea (Irish origin) definition "fortunate".

102. Tunder (Hungarian origin) definition "fairy".

103. Willow Crabtree.

Nice Fairy surname For A this Fairy

A fairy name motivated by real names have the right to be a great option. Here are a couple of good surname that consist of for a fairy name that your child will love.

104. Aerwyna (F) - an interpretation "friend that the sea".

105. Alfreda (F) - definition "elf strength".

106. Alvaro (M) (Spanish origin) an interpretation "guardian".

107. Aubrey (M/F) (French origin) an interpretation "leader the elves".

108. Avery (M) (Old English origin) meaning "elf".

109. Caspian (M) - meaning "of the sea".

110. Cleon (M) (Greek origin) definition "glory".

111. Coralina (F) (Greek origin) meaning "from the coral of the sea".

112. Gandalf (M) - meaning "wand elf".

113. Gary (M) - definition "spearman"; the fairy that looks after "Tinkerbell".

114. Melisande (F) - meaning "labor strength".

115. Miranda (F) (Latin origin) definition "worthy the admiration".

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