The 1935 Lincoln penny, in countless ways, resembles the penny that is quiet in circulation today, but is far an ext valuable. Thanks to that scarcity and also its age, collectors scramble to gain their hands on this coins. After ~ all, being that they space no longer being minted method that there space only ever before going come be fewer Lincoln pennies. No matter the condition, lock are very collectible.

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The obverse side of the 1935 Lincoln penny is designed in much the same way as the modern penny. In the center you will notification the increased depiction of president Abraham Lincoln. The President’s picture is very detailed and is accompanied with two inscriptions, one the reads ”Liberty” and also one the marks the 1935 year that minting. Arching overtop of the obverse is a raised engraving which reads “In God we Trust.”

On the turning back side, the main aspect features two inscriptions; one the reads “United says of America,” and one the reads “One Cent,” marking the challenge value. Top top either side of the main inscriptions are single wheat stalks. The is this stalks the wheat that give the coin is “Wheat Penny” nickname. Finally, the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum” is watched arching overtop.

Grading the 1935 Lincoln Penny

For a Lincoln coin from 1935, collectors room overly concerned about the condition the coin is in. Due to the fact that they are so old, there is a the majority of wear and tear that these coins cold have been subjected to. As a result, you will uncover that many 1935 Lincoln pennies space graded. Below, girlfriend will find an overview of the various coin grades as well as what they mean for a 1935 penny.

Uncirculated: A coin that is figured out to it is in of Uncirculated grade is one the will display no flaws whatsoever. This coins will certainly not have actually a solitary scratch or mark and will appear as they walk the job they to be minted. Except the fading the the coin’s color, i m sorry happens due to age, this pieces will be in perfect condition.

Extremely Fine: A coin that is exceptionally Fine is one that can have a young imperfection or two, but will show up to be mostly pristine. Under the close inspection of a grader, a single scratch or chip will be do out, however other than that this coins room in great condition and also are in ~ the height of the perform of coins collectors desire to get their hands on.

Fine: If a coin receives a good grade, this means that it has actually been circulated for rather a little bit of time. On its faces you will an alert some smoothing around the outer edges as well as some scratching the came about due to heavy circulation. Still, the increased imagery and lettering on these coins will certainly be able to, for the many part, it is in made out.

Good: If a coin is established to be of good grade, this method that it has spent a large majority of its visibility being circulated. The constant exchanging the hands way that this coins will certainly be incredibly heavily damaged. Also with every one of this damages they room still quite preferable in the eyes of collectors.

Pricing the 1935 Lincoln Penny

If friend would prefer to identify the worth of a 1935 Lincoln penny, this can be done by acquisition into consideration both the problem the coin is in, and also the form of coin friend have. 1935 saw three different types of Lincoln pennies minted, which way there will be different values for coins that the exact same grade, yet different type. The chart listed below will assist you know what these worths are.

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Lincoln Pennies

1935 Lincoln Penny$0.15$0.20$0.50$1
1935 Lincoln coin (D)$0.15$0.20$0.50$2
1935 Lincoln penny (S)$0.15$0.25$2$5
Source: Red Book

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