Jamaica’s weather in July has temperatures in the high 80s to short 90s Fahrenheit. Rainfall is below average compared to various other months of the year.

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Montego bay on the northwest coast and also Kingston on the southern coast are the two significant cities on the island. Montego only is both a cruise port and a significant all-inclusive will destination. Kingston is the funding of the country.

Kingston is generally several levels warmer and slightly less rainy than Montego Bay. But in July, rainfall is comparable in both cities and near the lowest allude of the year. Temperatures room slightly higher in Kingston.

Montego just Weather in July

Montego just in July has actually average high temperatures of 88 levels Fahrenheit or 31 Celsius. The average low is 74 Fahrenheit or 23 Celsius.

July temperatures with the highest allude of the year together with August and also September.

This video explains Caribbean weather in July and which islands space the best and also worst to visit because that weather.Full-Screen version | YouTube Caribbean Channel
It rain on mean only two inches throughout the month. This is near the bottom that the selection between the months through the most and also least rain. Through comparison, rainfall in the history decreases to an median of one to 2 inches a month in March and also April. The reaches a high allude of seven inches in October.

In July, it rain on mean seven days during the month. This is again near the bottom the the selection between the best and worst months of the year. Those averages are a low allude of five days in March and a high allude of 13 days in October.

Kingston Weather in July

Weather in July for Kingston is hotter but historically has about the very same amount the rain.

Average high temperatures reach 91 levels Fahrenheit or 33 Celsius during the day. Nighttime temperatures have an median of 76 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 Celsius.

Like Montego Bay, these temperatures are close to the high point between the highs and also lows of the year. Temperature in Kingston commonly are several levels warmer 보다 Montego Bay.

Rainfall is usually reduced in Kingston than Montego Bay. But for July, the median rainfall is an in similar way about two inches. That compares come a low allude of much less than one customs from January through March and a high point of 7 inches in June. It rain on median six days in Kingston contrasted to seven in Montego Bay.

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