So the various other day when tuning mine baritone i was messing about with the tuner settings and also decided to move the instrument to baritone T.C.

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I noticed when I tuned the would track to notes the were 2 half steps up from what ns was actually playing. This would certainly make the baritone in treble clef a Bb tool which its generally is not. My baritone is in concert pitch.

I don't understand if this is just my tuner or if this is normal, i don't exactly how a concert key instrument can be in the crucial of Bb in treble clef.

Does anyone recognize why this is?

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The baritone is a Bb instrument. Through no valves pressed, the plays a Bb fundamental. That's what defines what an essential a brass tool is claimed to be in. Trombone and the tuba offered in wind ensembles are likewise Bb instruments.

In the west tradition, when low brass is notated in bass clef, that reads concert pitch. This is also true because that the other tricks of tuba, and also alto trombone (in Eb).

In the brother brass tape tradition, all brass tools read treble clef and also are transposed so the open=C.

Baritone and euphonium parts for tape pieces might be noted in both concert pitch bass and transposing treble clefs, largely to help recently convert trumpet players.

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Op · 8m

This sorta does answer my question

I guess ns wasn't really composing that clearly, together in Bb tools I average they space in the crucial of Bb prefer trumpets, tenors saxophones, etc.

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Not exactly. Brass instruments like baritone, trombone, and also tuba often are tuned come a Bb fundamental, but they room not Bb transposing instruments like trumpets.

Baritone bass clef, trombone, and tuba are thought about concert C instruments- lock play the created pitch in base clef and also that is the key they sound.

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Baritone treble clef and also trumpet room transposing Bb instruments: lock play a composed pitch in treble clef, yet the note that sounds will be two semitones (for trumpet; one octave and also two semitones for treble clef baritone) lower. For this reason they are called Bb tools (written C sound Bb.)

Here’s where the tuner comes in: the exact same baritone can read and play either base or treble clef. As soon as playing bass clef, that is treated together a C instrument and the tuner will treat the note it choose up together the written keep in mind (tuner hears C, indicates you’re play a C.)

But once you collection it come treble clef, it currently treats the baritone together a transposing instrument. It hears C, and also assumes you’re play a written D (which sounds favor a C since it sounds two semitones lower.)

tl;dr: the just difference between baritone treble clef and also bass clef is just how the tuner interprets the note it picks up.