Ariana Grande is a global superstar that is best known for her hit songs including the collab v Lady Gaga ‘Rain ~ above Me,’ ‘One an ext Time’, ‘No Tears Left to Cry’, ‘Break Free’, ‘Side come Side’, ‘Problem’, ‘The Way’ and also ‘Focus’, amongst many more. She broke into the entertainment industry very first by exhilaration on Broadway and also then make her method onto ours TV screens. Yet now, she concentrates the majority of she career ~ above singing and also is do a huge name for herself together a an extremely successful performer. And with that success comes luxury – example #1 is Ariana Grande house!


Where does Ariana Grande live?

Ariana Grande residence Beverly Hills has actually been a an enig for rather some time – she rented a slew of multi-million homes approximately the area. Prior to lastly buying her new home in the Summer of 2020, she renter a sprawling overlooking Los Angeles.

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Ariana Grande house Hollywood Hills

Thanks to the LA Times and also “real estate resources not authorized to comment publicly,” together of June 2020 we understand that Ariana reduce a lining $13.7 million on a sleek, house in the Bird streets of the Hollywood Hills.

With 10,094 square feet the living an are spread across three stories, the jaw-dropping home features disappearing walls of glass, cutting edge smart an innovation throughout, a chef’s kitchen, a 300+ bottle wine cellar, and priceless views all the means to the ocean (on clean days).

She’s in amazing company – in the very same enclave the the hills stays chef Bobby Flay, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, and reportedly Diana Ross, too.



Noel Kleinman | Compass

Ariana Grande home Montecito

In might 2020, simply after grabbing the ultra-contemporary shown above, Araian dropped an additional $6.75 million top top Ellen and Portia’s historic Porter residence in the icon-filled community Montecito, CA.

Ellen and also Portia payment $3.6 million because that the house in January 2020 and after a fast renovation by her design team, lock relisted only 3 month later.

According come our friends in ~, The Porter House has actually an incredible history:

The Porter home was originally built in England during the 1700s as two different barns. At some point, the twin structures were at some point dismantled and carefully transport to California, where they to be painstakingly rebuilt as a single mansion-sized getaway, linked together through a glass-enclosed solarium. Today, the conjoined houses span a merged 5,500 square feet that living room with simply two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and also two flour rooms.


Village Properties

Ariana Granda former Home (Beverly Hills)

Last listed for $40,000/month, this 6,226 square foot mansion functions 5 bedrooms and also 5.5 bathrooms. Ariana apparently moved below in April 2016 through the intention of to buy a home nearby…but the didn’t happen until June 2020, as discussed above.

The gated building is located on a steep hillside and has stunning views of the Hollywood Hills, and an out pool and adjoining hot bathtub that overlooks downtown LA. Yes an the end seating area as well where she and guests deserve to enjoy heat summer evenings.

The hallways are magnificent and also feature marble floors, Stonegate rails, and also spotlights in the ceilings. There’s plenty of seating and also ‘chill out’ locations which skipping the beautiful scenery exterior through curved and high windows.

There is a officially dining area and a huge kitchen through an island and more seating. The bedrooms all confront the back of the home which gives them every spectacular views of the Hollywood Hills. That course, the master bedroom attributes a substantial walk-in closet.

Here space some more photos, including photos the Ariana Grande house Google Maps:


Photos: Amir Nazarian / Keller Williams

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Ariana Grande House brand-new York

Remember the fling through Pete Davidson? Yea, the didn’t go so well. However they did have a dope, though brief, pad in NYC. Situated in renowned architect Zaha Hadid, Ariana and Pete’s Manhattan apartment was unreal! The luxurious pad is in the Chelsea neighborhood and also has sprawling views of the city.

They reportedly paid $16 million for the uber-chic, 4,023 square foot apartment, which has actually 5 bedrooms and also 4.5 bathrooms. Included with their acquisition is accessibility to the building’s amenities, which has an IMAX theater and a 75-foot pool!

The couple was wasting no time furnishing the vast place – they to be spotted at repair Hardware top top the hunt for the perfect vibe.


Photos: Corcoran Group

Once again, us have much more where that came from of Ariana’s brand-new York pad, here: Ariana Grande home Photos & Address

Ariana Grande terrorist Attack

Ariana was recorded up in a hugely tragic event in 2017 when a terrorist attack was lugged out at among her stops on her Dangerous mrs Tour. The strike took place at the finish of her display in Manchester, UK, and also devastatingly eliminated 19 people, v a more 59 injured. The occasion shook Ariana and also the world. She rebelled against the attackers to host the One Love Manchester charity concert in Manchester just a couple of weeks later. The One Love Manchester concert saw the likes of Miley Cyrus, little Mix, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, take it That, black Eyed Peas and Liam Gallagher.

How old is Ariana Grande and also where is she from?

The pop superstar to be born ~ above the 26th the June 1993. She to be born in Boca Raton, Florida to parents Joan and also Edward. She parents had originally lived in new York but relocated to Florida as soon as her mom was pregnant with Ariana. When Ariana was simply 8 years old, she parents split.

Where is Ariana Grande family members from?

Ariana is that Italian descent, however her parents space from brand-new York. Ariana’s beautiful yet unusual name was inspired by the cartoon Felix The Cat, which had actually a character named Princess Oriana.

How old is Frankie Grande?

Ariana’s half-brother Frankie Grande is at this time 35 year old. He was born on the 24th that January 1983. He, prefer his sister, is significant in the entertainment industry. That is a society media star and also an actor, dancer, producer, and YouTuber.

What high college did Ariana Grande go to?

Ariana attended phibìc Broward Preparatory School. Whilst she was still in high college though, she landed a duty in the Broadway music 13. This meant that she had to leaving high institution to go after her acting. However, she to be still enrolled in the school and also had lessons and also assignments sent to she to finish alongside her Broadway career. She i graduated from the college in 2012.

How countless dogs does Ariana Grande have?

Ariana has a complete of 5 pooches! she latest enhancement to she puppy crew is Cinnamon, who the superstar rescued from a sanctuary after she was discovered living outside in a cardboard box. The rest of the squad (who are all equally as adorable) encompass Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, and also Fawkes Kitty. Cute!


Who is Ariana Grande husband?

Ariana Grande had been dating the famed singer and also rapper Mac Miller. Their relationship was loved by fans and the pair themselves seemed super love up. They began dating in respectable of 2016 yet their relationship ended 2 year later, in might 2018.

Ariana proclaimed that she had actually cared because that Mac deeply however could no longer be a ‘babysitter’ come him throughout his battles with sobriety. She said, “I will proceed to pray native the bottom of my heart the he numbers it every out and that any type of other mrs in this place does as well.”

Sadly, Mac Miller died of an overdose in September 2018. Ariana was reportedly devastated, together expected.

Following her partnership with Mac, fans to be surprised the Ariana jumped pretty much straight into a brand-new romance through Saturday Night Liveactor Pete Davidson. They started dating in might 2018 (the very same month together the Mac breakup), and also they to be dating only one month before Pete whipped the end a ring! The pair were involved on the ninth of July 2018.

However, in October 2018, it’s to be reported the the two split after establish it was just not the ideal time because that them to it is in together. Resources say they have love because that each other however their initiate partnership is donsies.


What is Ariana Grande’s net worth?

According to CelebrityNetWorth, the singer is worth an tremendous $45 million. Nice nifty for a young starlet!

Where walk Ariana Grande shop?

Ariana has a very iconic look at which is composed of a long high ponytail, distressed jeans, baggy sweaters, and also of course, heels. Oh and not forgetting she cat ears. In recent times, Ariana has been spotted in the likes of Reebok, urban Outfitters, Topshop, and Alexander Wang.

What automobile does Ariana Grande drive?

Ariana has actually been checked out driving a white selection Rover, a silver- Mercedes SL course Convertible, and also a black color Cadillac Escalade.

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What TV shows has actually Ariana Grande to be in?

Ariana first appeared on our displays in 2010 in the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious. She plot in that until 2014, then went top top to have a duty in the spin-off display Sam and also Cat. She has likewise been in Scream Queens on FOX.