Nesta Robert Marley, or Bob Marley,(6 February 1945 – 11 may 1981) was a Jamaican singer-songwriter who completed international fame v a series of crossover reggae albums. Starting out in 1963 v the group the Wailers, the forged a distinctive songwriting and also vocal format that would later on resonate through audiences worldwide. After ~ the Wailers disbanded in 1974, Marley pursued a solo career which culminated in the release of the album Exodus in 1977 which developed his an international reputation. He to be a committed Rastafarian that infused his music v a extensive sense that spirituality.

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Bob Marley owned simply a couple of guitars; some say five, part say 7 – we controlled to track down eleven. He’s mostly known for playing his brown fancy Les Paul Special, but some other exciting guitars prefer theWashburn Wing collection andYamaha SG1000 were also used through the well known artist.

Bob Marley’s electrical Guitars:

1970s Gibson Les Paul Special

This is reported to it is in Bob’s favorite electrical guitar, used generally throughout his career.There’s even a rumor the Marleywas hidden with this exact guitar by his side, but the fact is that the etc issafe and also sound in ~ theBob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica.

Unfortunately very tiny is known around the guitar’s history. Bob probably gained it about 1972/73 in London. At the time the guitar already had few mods excellent to it; the ABR-1 Tune-o-matic leg was installed, and also a white binding was added to the headstock.

The guitar remained in this state till 1979 once it was sent to i get it Mayer. Bob asked for something distinctive done come it which will certainly not affect the sound itself. Roger decided to download a custom made brushed hardened aluminium pickguard and also replace the switch platewith the one the was shaped choose afootball. He additionally replaced the tuners v Schallers, and re-wired the etc completely. The initial P-90 pickups were not touched.

1070s Fender Stratocaster

This to be the guitar Bob played before purchasing the Les Paul.Ithad a rosewood fingerboard, and also the body was finished in three-tone sunburst (see “Stir it Up“).

The guitarwas apparently stolen fromthe tour bus at part point, but very small is known about this. If you take place to understand anything please contact us using the form at the bottom the this list.

Washburn Wing collection Custom

Bob was never seen playing this guitar, but nonetheless it came to be one that his finest known instruments. The reason for that is the story said by guitar technician Gary Karlson who got this guitar as a existing from Bob in November that 1979. Just two year after the Bob died, and this guitar came to be an invaluable piece of history.

In 2006, Gary established charitable company “Different Journeys, One Destination”, anddecided to put Bob’s guitar as a charity prize.

Yamaha SG1000

Bob play this guitar during The Wailers’ last tour in 1979, after i m sorry he provided it toAston Barrett, the band’s bassist.

In 2000 Aston provided the guitar toAngus Reid because that “safekeeping”. WhenBarrett tried come retrieve the instrument 7 years later, Reid refused to give it back. Barret likewise learned thatReid had actually planned to sell the etc at a Christie’s auction. He filled a lawsuit, after whichthe etc was withdrawn native the auction, and also given back to him.

Gibson Les Paul Standard

There’s one details photo the Bob setravel around, the him play a burst Les Paul Standard. Although us can’t really prove it, this might also be Peter Tosh’s Les Paul.

Bob Marley’s Acoustic Guitars:

Ovation Adamas

The guitar ideal known native the acoustic record of “Redemption Song” (see video clip here: “Redemption song Acoustic“).

Epiphone FT 165 12-string

This Epiphone had it’s appearnce at the brand-new York acoustic gig in 1980. Here’s a attach to the video: Redemption tune (Acoustic) Live in new York.

The guitar had actually some type of a sound-hole pickup installed; exact model unknown.

1972 Guild 12-string

This guitar can be heard on the studio recordings that “Is This Love” and also “Time will Tell” indigenous the 1978.

The etc belonged to small Marvin.

1970s Guild Madeira A-9

The etc Bob maintained at home and practiced/wrote on. Only photos of this instrument deserve to be seen in David Burnett’s publication “Soul Rebel“.

Bob decorated the guitar through a little picture the Haile Selassieand a snapshot of Africa bellow it, containing words “AFRICA must BE complimentary BY 1983”.

Hohner Acoustic (??)

Bob deserve to be watched playing an unknown acoustic etc on a couple of posters (example).

Although the logo seems to be scratched off, and it’s difficult to determine this guitar – it to be most likely a Hohner indigenous the beforehand 70s, on which Bob composed several of his ingredient on.

Ovation Balladeer

Bob was watched on couple of picture playing approximately on aOvation Balladeer. It is quite possible that this etc belonged to who else.

Bob Marley’s guitar Amps and Pedals:

The reality that Bob was first and foremost the singer and also songwriter because that the band, and also that he never really had actually a guitar tech, goes to present that that didn’t have to pay attention to what sort of tools he to be using as soon as it pertains to amps and also pedals.

It is necessary to keep in mind though the he supplied a pair of different amps, maybe the most notably the Fender Silverface Twin which can be seen on many different photos. He likewise played ~ above a pair of different Marshall and Ampeg amps.

As for pedals, Bob never ever had any kind of of them through him on stage. That sort of occupational was tackled by junior Marvin. Many of the impacts that were offered on the records were built by i get it Mayer who was associated with the tape from the early on 70s.

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