I recognize that Firewalls may operate on various OSI layers relies on the firewall itself.but how have the right to I understand if i install details firewall in ~ what OSI Layer(s) that does operate ?


Since firewalls basically filter data, the answer relies on what type of filtering friend do.

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If girlfriend filter based on IP attend to (for example), you deserve to say that your firewall is filtering at layer 3. If girlfriend filter certain ports, you deserve to say you"re filtering in ~ layer 4. If her firewall inspects specific protocol claims or data, you deserve to say the operates in ~ layer 7.

The reality is that many firewalls perform all these points in combination. So almost speaking there yes, really is no advantageous answer to her question.

May I suggest you likewise read this question around the OSI model.



Unless her firewall supplies the OSI model, it is of small value to speak around it in this terms. You must bear in mind that the TCP/IP version only has 5 layers.

That gift said, it mainly depends on if your firewall is qualified of act Deep Packet Inspection. If that is, the operates in ~ L3/L4 and at the applications Layer. Otherwise, it only filters at the IP and Transport layers.

On the other hand, the "Operates" at every layers except for the application layer. That must have actually a physical connection, carry out a data link/Network connection and enforce NAT policies and firewall rule at the IP layer and Transport layer. If that didn"t it would not it is in a to work firewall.


It relies on what type of firewall. There space three an easy types: Generation 1 Packet Filter runs at great 3, Generation 2 Stateful Filter operation at layer 5, and Generation 3 application Firewall (also well-known as NGFW: following Generation Fire-Wall.)


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