When you listen to any of his songs you might not realize how complex what he has created is.

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More to the point, you may not know, or you might not know that much, about what stuff Skrillex uses to make music.

Well, in this article I am going to attempt to answer the question of what DAW software does Skrillex uses.

This article will look at the DAWs as well as the accompanying plugins.

If you are a Skrillex fan, or if you want to try to emulate his sound in what you produce yourself, you won’t want to miss this.

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What VST Plugins Does Skrillex Use in 2020?

What DAW Software Does Skrillex Use in 2020?


But what about the plugins?

After all, tons of them can give you unique sounds and effects.

And that is something that Skrillex is known for.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the plugins he has been known to use.

FM8 Synth

This is a great plugin if you want something that produces a classic FM sound.

You get over 900+ sounds to play with.

It’s also very clean and elegant to use.

Skrillex likes this plugin for its ease of use and the fact that it allows him to create pretty much everything that he wants.

Native Instruments Massive

This gives you over 1300 built-in presets to work with.

You can use this both on the stage or in the studio.

It is this plugin that Skrillex uses when working with bass music, dance, and electro music.

This plugin is also popular with mainstream artists and is great if you are into making music and you want it to sound like something made by Skrillex.

Xfer Serum

This plugin gives you crazy sounds and unique ways of playing with them.

Something that suits Skrillex down to the ground and explains why he uses it when producing.

This plugin is especially good if you like Dubstep and you want to emulate the same kind of Skrillex sound.

To complement the massive array of sounds it comes with you can also download additional sound libraries online.

Tone2 Gladiator 2 Software Synthesizer

This is another plugin that Skrillex uses.

The sounds it comes with are rich and extensive.

It has an easy-to-use interface.

Skrillex is known to prefer plugins that are not too fancy so it makes sense that he would use this.

Celemony Melodyne

This plugin is pitch correction software.

It’s used by the vast majority of producers and artists.

It’s easier to connect vocals using this plugin than to resort to autotune.

It’s almost like this plugin that is responsible for all the unique sounding vocals found throughout Skrillex’s music.


Whilst Skrillex doesn’t use this as frequently as other plugins on my list, he has been known to dabble.

It’s easy to use, but powerful, and with the default library of sounds you may not need any other plugin because you can create pretty much any sound from these that you can think of.

This plugin is all about manipulating sound, the same as Skrillex does, by using EQ reverb, filters and the like.

iZotope Trash2

This is another distortion plugin and given Skrillex’s signature sound it makes sense for him to also use this.

It allows you to create a song that is powerful but is also dirty.

Waves CLA Vocals

This is a great plugin from Waves regardless.

It’s also one that Skrillex has been known to use.

It’s a really good plugin to use for working with vocals.

You get an easy-to-use interface that helps you make sense of the tons of settings on offer.

After applying its effects, the finished sound quality is still crisp, vibrant, and high quality.


This plugin claims to be the best that you can get when working with distortion.

Even Skrillex says it’s a great plugin when you need a multiband distortion compressor that’s the best.

Furthermore, as this is an industry-standard plugin, the price may surprise you.

It isn’t as expensive as you might think and so you should give it a look.

ReFx Nexus 2

This is one of the most powerful synths you can get.

Not only does Skrillex use it but so do the likes of Martin Garrix and Alan Walker.

It’s not a heavy plugin and Skrillex uses some of its default sounds but prefers to make it unique to the sound that he wants.

It’s great for tweaking and manipulating sounds and the default library gives you plenty of options.


It’s all about making sounds that are unique to you.

The benefit of using any of these plugins is that they allow you to do that, plus, you know the industry hard-hitters also trust it.

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Be true to your style, but if you also want to emulate a little Skrillex and tweak it then you should check out these plugins and DAWs.