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new York State usual Core math Grade 6, Module 3, lesson 5

Videos and also solutions to help Grade 6 students understand that the opposite of the contrary is the initial number.Lesson 5 student Outcomes• Students understand that, because that instance, the opposite of is -5 denoted -(-5) and also is equal to 5. In general, they recognize that the contrary of the contrary is the initial number; e.g., -(-a) = a.• students locate and also position opposite numbers on a number line.Opening exercises 1. Locate the number -2 and its opposite on the number line below.2. Create an integer the represents each of the following: a. 90 feet listed below sea levelb. $100 of blame c. 2 C above zero 3. Joe is at the ice cream shop and also his house is 10 blocks north of the shop. The park is 10 blocks southern of the ice cream cream shop. Once he is at the ice cream cream shop, is Joe closer come the park or his house? How could the number zero be supplied in this situation? Explain.Example 1: opposing of an the contrary of a Number What is the contrary of the opposite of 8? How deserve to we show this number top top a number line? a. What number is 8 systems to the ideal of 0? b. How can you highlight locating opposing of ~ above this number line? What is opposing of 8? c. Use the same procedure to locate the the contrary of -8. What is opposing of -8?d. The opposite of an the contrary of a number is __________ExerciseComplete the table utilizing the cards in your group.1. Create the the opposite of the contrary of -10 as an equation.2. In general, the contrary of opposing of a number is the ______3. Provide a real-world example of this rule. Show your work.

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Problem Set
1. Read each description carefully, and also write one equation the represents the description.a. The contrary of an adverse sevenb. Opposing of opposing of twenty-fivec. The opposite of fifteend. The contrary of negative thirty-six2. Jose graphed opposing of opposing of 3 on the number line. First, he graphed suggest P ~ above the number heat 3 units to the best of zero. Next, that graphed opposing of ns on the number line 3 units to the left that zero and labeled it K. Finally, he graphed the opposite of K and also labeled that Q. 3. Is his diagram correct? Explain. If the diagram is not correct, describe his error, and also correctly locate and label allude Q. Write the relationship in between the points:a. P and K b. K and also Q c. P and also Q 4. Check out each real-world description. Create the integer that represents opposing of the opposite. Show your work-related to support your answer.a. A temperature climb of 15 levels Fahrenheitb. A gain of 55 yardsc. A lose of 10 poundsd. A tap the money of $2,0005. Create the integer the represents the statement. Locate and label each point on the number heat below.a. The opposite of a get of 6b. Opposing of a deposit the $10c. The contrary of the contrary of 0d. Opposing of opposing of 4e. The contrary of the opposite of a loss of 5

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