It is soft sulphate mineral. That is offered in plaster formation. The is supplied in blackboard chalk formation.It is offered as a fertilizer.It Talc have the right to not scrape gypsum because it is harder than talc.

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It has actually no soapy feel.

Talc is hydrous magnesium silicate mineral . It is usually green ,gray, white , brown or colourless.It is a translucent mineral . It has actually pearly luster.

It is soften known mineral. The chemical formula of talc is

.It covers magnesium, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen.It has too much softness and also greasy. It has actually soapy feel. Gypsum is harder than talc and also more difficult to scratch.

Hence, the choice B is true. B. Talc has soapy feel.

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A i graduated cylinder has actually 100 mL that water in it. A absent is then placed in the cylinder
gulaghasi <49>

105-100=5 ,


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What role do genes play in proteins
Mrac <35>

genes have the information needed to have functional molecules referred to as proteins

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How plenty of milligrams of a 20mg sample the cesium-137 stay after 60 years
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Cs -137 has actually a fifty percent life of about 30 years. If 60 years pass, there is two half lives passed so 1/2 * 1/2= 1/4. Take 1/4 and multiply it with the mass given:(1/4)*20mg=5mg left
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How many Liters that 0.968M solution can be do if 0.581 moles of solute space added? team of selections 0.600 l 60 mL 0.562 L
Rzqust <24>



The formula of molarity is molSolute/litreSolution


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4. For the reaction A + 2B → C, the rate law is
Effectus <21>

The rate continuous : b. 1/ M² · s

Further explanation

The reaction rate (v) reflects the change in the concentration the the substance (changes in enhancement to concentrations because that reaction products or changes in concentration reduction because that reactants) every unit time.

For A + B ---> C + D

Can it is in formulated:

^a^b}}}" alt="\large{\boxed\boxed\boldv~=~k.^a^b" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">


v = reaction speed, M / s

k = constant, mol¹⁻⁽ᵃ⁺ᵇ⁾. L⁽ᵃ⁺ᵇ⁾⁻¹. S⁻¹

a = reaction order come A

b = reaction order come B

= = concentration that substances

Units that the rate consistent - k count on price law, so it is distinctive for the details reaction

So because that the rate law :

Δ/ΔT = k² , the units are :


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