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The Indus, the longest river in Pakistan, is just one of the most mesmerizing geographical functions of the region. Centuries of history entwined with its past and also miles of geography playing that is host have lent the standing of a marvel to the river…


Indus – the giver of life, the taker the life! Theological associations through the river were strong. He also belonged to the lineage of civilization hailing this river together a god. This mighty waters, this authority, what can this be if not for a god? The old Hindu scriptures referred to Indus as the only male flow god, reducing the standing of others (sexist together it seems now). Abbasin, ‘the father of Rivers’, was how it was well-known in the north. The Rig Veda, on an ext than one occasion, waxed lyrical around the river’s charm. The river carried them light, he believed. Ideal from wherein it roused in the Tibet, the Indus carried along hymns the life and hope. Guru Nanak, the founder the Sikhism, is said to have actually been exalted within the exact same waters. That was together he bathed in the river someday that the truth of life was unveiled to him. Sufis supplied the river as an inspiration, if not a muse. Lal Shahbaz Qalander’s poetry is replete with mention of the Indus. The story of Indus, the worshippers of this river-god believed, in numerous ways paralleled the story of mankind itself – the pursuit for the ultimate. And also that the flow wasn’t simply a water-body in motion, the responded. The river, similar to humans, was alive. And it commanded. Indus the creator – Indus the destroyer!


“It’s dark and the river is in flood,

There is water all about me.

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How am ns going to meet Mahiwal?

If I save going, I will certainly surely drown.

And if I rotate back,

I would certainly be going back on mine promise.

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And letting Mahiwal down

I beg friend (O pitcher!), through folded hands,

Help me satisfy my Mahiwal.

You constantly did it, please execute it tonight, too.”

Indus in Sind

In 1947, lines weren’t sketched only through Punjab and also Bengal – all the aspects of nature had to be separated similarly


Partitions don’t simply create brand-new recognized global borders, they division a people too; slicing away at the understanding of many. In 1947, lines no sketched only through Punjab and Bengal – all the facets of nature had to be split similarly. Ours nautical miles. Your air-space. Our charcoal reserves. Your abundant fields. And since it always comes under to water because that survival, the two created countries signed on the Indus Water contract in 1960, allocation the water of details rivers to either country. This move by Ayub khan was essential. The next day, an in-mate in a Gujranwala psychological facility, who, reminiscent of Manto’s Toba Tek Singh, eliminated himself. There was a single scrap of file by his next that review something like, “Who space they to division our waters? Who space they to division our waters?!”


Tuesday, January 21, 2014; The News International. “Islamabad: In an alarming development, India plans come build one more dam on the Chenab River v 1,380 MW volume in hosted Kashmir referred to as Kirthai Hydropwer Project, breaching the 1960 Indus Waters contract (IWT). The new project will certainly not only damages the water understanding of Pakistan but will also inflict a vast blow to the atmosphere of the lower riparian country.”