Swingman Ryan Braun ferris wheel a Sam Bat RB8, his very own signature model.

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Ryan Braun, “The Hebrew Hammer,” is just one of the brightest young stars in the game. In his an initial five seasons, he’s got four Silver Slugger awards, 4 All-Star selections, a 30-30 season, led the league in slugging double (setting the rookie record in ’07), a Rookie that the Year award, and also an NL MVP. That’s a the majority of hardware because that a 27 year old. Braun doesn’t it seems ~ to be slowing down either, despite the off-season controversy, together he is in usual spot near the peak of the NL leaderboards.

Ryan Braun swings a Sam Bat RB8 maple bat, his very own signature model. There to be a few videos native Sam Bat special Braun and he also has a dedicated microsite, yet I do the efforts to pick the most interesting ones, which came to be these below.

UPDATE: WPW reader Moe was interested in the length/weight that Braun’s bat, so i did a small research this morning and found this picture (below) that a bat Braun provided in 2008 on Mears online Auctions. From what it looks like, at the very least at that time, he to be swinging a 35 inch, 31 1/3rd ounce bat. Apparently Braun likes his bat long and also light.

Braun’s bat measurements in 2008.

The Sam Bat RB8 is available online.

Braun is top top Ken Griffey Jr.’s Swingman roster, and wears exclusive batting gloves and also cleats from the line. The Swingman batting gloves the Braun wears have the right to be discovered online, just not in his exclude, colorways.

Braun’s exclusive Swingman batting gloves.

Braun newly nabbed his 100th job stolen base in his grey/black/gold Nike waiting Swingman Remix 2 cleats. That colorway is exclusive come Braun as well, despite the Remix 2 design is easily accessible in a couple of different colors.

You deserve to see Braun’s shin security in the feature, i m sorry is from the brand Bike. Braun still does undertake a cycle shin guard, yet they don’t market anything favor it online.

Here are the links:

Sam Bat RB8

Nike Swingman Batting Gloves (looks like they’re only available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, for this reason this link goes directly there)

Nike Swingman Remix 2 Cleats

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Ryan Braun areas with a custom version the the Wilson 1799-b.

So it transforms out Ryan Braun isn’t one for accessorizing. Wherein I typically highlight the necklaces and also bracelets and also other accents that players room wearing, I uncovered nothing yet a glove. I really had to dig just to discover evidence of Braun wearing sunglasses (all the means back in spring Training).

Though Braun doesn’t fuss much with flair, the does far much more than the bare minimum in left field. Braun led all of the significant Leagues in outfield fielding portion in 2008, led NL left fielders in fielding portion in 2009 and 2011, and led NL left fielders in range factor in 2009. Braun at this time leads all active left fielders in job fielding percentage.

Ryan Braun attract a practice Wilson 1799-b glove. It is the same model as you see in the feature, however, his glove has actually grey ~ above the thumb, strap, and also index finger. I went to Wilson’s tradition glove builder to check out if we could set one up like this too, yet the customization options were putrid. You have the right to put your name on it, select “traditional” or “pro-stiff” for breaking in, and also that was about it because that the 1799-b. Despite the absence of customization, Braun’s glove model is very much easily accessible online.

Braun’s sunglasses (which us last witnessed him wearing in feather Training) room the Nike Show-x1 style. That looks like he was wearing navy with a white swoosh, which, like countless of the players’ Nike sunglasses we’ve profiled, is a tradition colorway. The Show-x1 is accessible online in a couple of different colorways, though.

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Since i couldn’t really lug much to you by method of equipment, i did a tiny snooping for some interesting Braun stuff. And I’m constantly searching for way of living stuff wherein I can. Here’s Brauny in a nice funny (though strange) Muscle Milk commercial…

Though the premise is a tiny wacky, the fact that Braun has actually his choose of the litter once it comes to women is very real. You desire proof? Here’s his girlfriend. And his ex.