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Hi, ns am structure a 12X24 Storage building in south louisiana and also was wonder what dimension ridge beam I have to use. I built my sub floor the end of 4x6 every the method around and one 4x6 under the middle and 2x6 between them. I provided 3/4" cure tongue and also groove plywood on the floors. I have already built my wall surfaces out that 2x4 16 OC. I will be placing 1/2" OSB and shingles on roof. Mine rafters and ceiling joist will be 2x6. Also, would certainly you perform 16" OC are 24" OC for the 2x6 rafters? ns was told a 2x6 ridge beam would certainly be good enough, yet I would like more opinions. Carry out you think the 2x6 is an excellent enough space what. Any aid would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike

I to be told a 2x6 ridge beam would certainly be good enough, but I would certainly like much more opinions. Execute you think the 2x6 is good enough room what. Any assist would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
FWIW, "Roof ridge beam deflection better than 25 mm in 2400 mm is thought about excessive ."This is a 1 in ~100 ratio, therefore Δ/L=5/384 * w/EI = .01, so w in pounds/inch spread load is 0.768EI/L is 24(12) = 240", E assumed to it is in 1,000,000 PSI, i = <1/12> b = <1/12>1.5<5.5^3>= 21 in⁴.I gain 1.2 pounds per linear inch, 290 pounds because that the totality ridge beam, dead & live load. That seems small. Probably there is one arith error.
You only need a ridge beam if friend will room not going to have rafter tiesWithout rafter ties the ridge beam should be calculated to hold the roof upIf you placed in rafter ties friend only need a ridge boardWhich way is the ridge to run ? 6" long rafters or 12" rafters ?What steep roof ?I execute 16" OC...but we have actually snow here, I like plywood top top the roofNot sure if 1/2" OSB is rated for 24" OC
It will certainly be 7 foot rafters because I to be going through a foot overhang. I chose it was worth the extra tiny bit to go 16" OC. I"m sorry i did mean Ridge board. Mine roof will certainly be 6 top top 12. The only trouble is that i will need to splice it. What dimension ridge board and for mine splice would certainly a 10" 2x6 on each side screwed into the ridge be enough?
2x6 rafters usage a 2x8 ridge boardI"d go v a 16" 2x8 & add on another 8" for the 24" lengthOr if you space going over on every gable finish use a 10" 2x8 & reduced off the extraUse splice plates to tie them togetherYou might get a 24" lengthy 2x8 from a lumber yard, however transporting the home could be a problem
The ridge board is constantly full depth of reduced rafters uneven a low pitch(not structural,
just holding the rafters in the opposite line.Be safe, Gary
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