It’s no an enig to basketball fans that LeBron James is huge, stand 6 foot 8 and also weighing 250 pounds. For this reason it’s no surprise that the NBA champ,who is official a Los Angeles Laker now,after signing afour-year, $154 millioncontract with the team in July, has giant feet come match.

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James, a sneakerhead through a life time Nike deal, attract a whopping size 15. Because that reference, the median male shoe dimension is 10. What’s interesting, though, is that, according to sole Collector, other ballers in the organization who are shorter than the 33-year-old Akron, Ohio, indigenous wear the very same size.


Both James’ previous Miami warmth teammate Dwyane Wade and Oklahoma City Thunder point guardRussell Westbrook, who are both 6 foot 4, stay a dimension 15 shoe as well.

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What’s more, in 2016, the superstar player post an Instagram arguing that his eldest sonLeBron James Jr., nicknamed Bronny, had actually bigger feet than him already, and also Bronny was just 12 in ~ the time.

2 points here!! I think my child Bronny(on the left) feet is bigger 보다 mine already and he's 12. And secondly our kicks room