As one of the world’s many renowned DJs and electronic producers, the attract of Deadmau5, choose that the the best artists, transcends age. Through the commercial release of his own regulate app, OSC/Pilot, we venture into the mau5’s den to discover an ext about his gamechanging new software, his mind-expanding live shows and more.

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Though lot of the music market has involved a grind halt because of the pandemic, Deadmau5 is still an extremely much in demand. Equipped with OSC/Pilot, his trademark ‘mau5head’ helmet and also an impeccable light show, Zimmerman has actually performed live at drive-in concert in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. During the lockdown, he’s likewise released the monitor Pomegranate v Pharrell and also Chad Hugo of The Neptunes. All of this to win on together he puts out brand-new material with Steve Duda together BSOD, and performs live sets as Testpilot.

Of course, his OSC-packed Cube shows have actually all been delayed many thanks to COVID-19. But Deadmau5 stays modest around the effect it’s had actually on him and also acknowledges very first that his team has actually been fight too. “I’m thinking of the place of the business before I’m like, ‘Me, me, me’,” the says. “Because everybody’s do the efforts to discover their place in 2020.” So exactly how does a new music app come come fruition in such tumultuous times, then? and also why go Deadmau5 even need his very own custom-built regulate system when there space so many considerable ones ~ above the market?

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Though the JazzMutant Lemur was discontinued, it to be eventually revived by Liine and turned right into an app for iOS and also Android. These days, it costs around £24 – a lot much less than its predecessor’s eye-watering price tag. TouchOSC is one more popular OSC and MIDI regulate surface yet Joel found that it, together with Lemur, lacks customisation options.

“I actually supplied TouchOSC because that a little while – no for the live reflects but an ext for my reflects at clubs and throw-and-go festivals. Yet the difficulty I always ran into was that, in ~ the time, that didn’t have native MIDI support. They included it afterwards and i was like, ‘Yeah, great’. But then the editor forced you to modify it top top macOS and also then use IP protocol to usually send it to the iPad because there’s no native file format merge on one iPad. Ns was like, ‘Why can not they just put the editor in the player?’”

Putting the editor in the player is exactly what Joel and the team at Toronto-based Derivative set out to accomplish with the custom-built OSC/Pilot.

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For the super-producer, the most impressive thing around his production is its accessibility and versatility. “You can quickly whip up regulate surfaces for any given task, even if it’s not meant to it is in a irreversible solution. If you’re simply like, ‘I have 5 parameters and also I require to control this from this computer on the same network,’ then boom – make five sliders, offer them the right tags and send her data down the pipe”.