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This is just one of my favorite poems of all time, and component of the is due to the fact that of the literary methods Poe weaves into each line, focusing the reader"s attention on both the depth the his love for annabel Lee and on the tone of despair he generates.

Look at the ...

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This is among my favorite poems of every time, and part of the is since of the literary approaches Poe weaves into each line, concentrating the reader"s attention on both the depth that his love for i bell Lee and also on the tone of despair he generates.

Look in ~ the repetition in ~ this line:

But we loved through a love that was much more than love

(Bold included for emphasis.)

The depth of the speaker"s feelings room made clear through this quick, recurring use of words "love." It was more than love, deeper than any emotion he has ever experienced.

I likewise love the alliteration in this poem, particularly lines prefer this one:

To shut she up in a sepulchre

Poe purposely crafts this line to repeat this hissing s sound, efficiently silencing the reader"s mind. It"s basic to feel that the speak is shushing the world, demanding silence because that the storage of i bell Lee.

The alliteration is likewise well-crafted in this line:

The angels, not half therefore happy in Heaven,

The alliteration in this heat brings fist to the reality that sky itself cannot market the pleasure that he and also Annabel Lee shared. Your love was beyond even the glories of superordinary emotions.

The internal rhyme in the lines, particularly as the city reaches that is conclusion, specifically serve to show all the the speaker has lost v Annabel Lee"s death:

Chilling and also killing my annabel Lee.

This specific pairing is cold and also final, reminding the leader that annabel Lee has actually left the speaker forever.

For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams

Moonlight is often used together a spirituality symbol, and also that is reflected in this line. The interior rhyme here reinforces the presence of annabel Lee in the speaker"s dreams; their spiritual connection is not broken in death.

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The end of the poem fades out with shorter lines and that repeat of the s sound again, seeming to monitor the speaker"s despair as he closes v a whisper.