Time is present alongside human being existence on planet or possibly even before that. Have you ever wondered exactly how was the moment measured before clocks to be invented? it is said that humans have actually measured time in various ways in various ages. Initially, it to be measured by contemplating the nature about us. The an initial instrument to measure up time can have to be a rod or a mountain. The shortening of zero would bring about noon if the lengthening that shadows would depict the night approaching.

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Sundials and Obelisks

In 1500 B.C basic sundials were supplied to divide the moment interval between sunrise and sunset in 12 various parts. The old Egyptian Obelisks, constructed about 3500 B.C was the earliest shadow clock provided to measure time. The shadows that move to different marks allowed the Egyptians to calculation time which aided to division day right into two parts. It additionally solicited summer and winter.


The sand-glass/ hourglass, comprised of 2 conical glass associated vertically by the narrow neck, came right into being in the 14th Century. It could measure i of certain time period depending top top the size and also width the the glass and also the amount of sand in it. This device of measurement was considered more accurate 보다 the water clock or a candle clock.

Water clock

Water clock was well-known to have existed in Babylon in Egypt about 16th Century. That was provided to measure up time observing steady flow of water indigenous or into a container. Measurements were significant on the container yet there were variations as result of the press of water flow.

Candle clock

The candle was significant with numbers and also the burning of wax suggested a specific duration of time. The is unknown where the candle clocks were used although that was very first referred through a Chinese poet called You Jiangu in 520 A.D.


A clinical study to be done about 1602 by one Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei on pendulum wherein its motion was provided to save a monitor of time. It was considered to the the world’s many accurate time-keeping creation until 1930. The pendulum clock was invented by Christian Huygens in the year 1658 i m sorry was supplied till 270 years and was world-wide credited for that accuracy.

The Quartz

In at an early stage 20th Century, Albert Einstein proposed theory of relativity and also defined time as the 4th dimension. The Quartz clocks were developed in 1930 which were far an ext improvised version of a pendulum clock. The quartz crystal needs to be put in the suitable circuit in a way that creates interaction between mechanical stress and electric ar which create vibration in the decision to create a continuous frequency. This is supplied to operate electronic clock display.

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Last, the atomic and laser invention in 1960’s has adjusted the measure of time forever. Also, we never recognize what future the moment holds!


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