Well, of course you can chew gum and also wear braces. But, should girlfriend chew gum and wear braces? That can be a difficult question.

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For many years, the answer was a certain “No.” Not just did our favorite chewables accurate gum increase the (dental) works, however they to be filled with lots of the sugar the cavity-causing bacteria love to feeding on. The result? A much much better chance of damage to her orthodontic work, and a greater risk of cavities near your brackets and wires.

But times, and gum recipes, change. Today’s sugar-free gum provides us v some new ideas to chew over.

Sugarless gum is much much less sticky than continual gum, so it is much less likely to stick to her appliance. If there is any kind of chance that gum will damages your wires or brackets, we’ll permit you recognize that it’s best to wait till your braces space off come indulge.Some orthodontic patients find that your jaws and ligaments are less sore if castle chew gum because that a few minutes after an adjustment.Most important, studies indicate that chewing sugarless gum might actually help prevent cavities from forming. How is that possible?

Because chewing gum boosts our manufacturing of saliva! Okay, us don’t normally find saliva an exciting, exclamation-point-worthy topic, however let’s look in ~ the dentist benefits:

Saliva washes away food particles and also bacteria. And because braces have the right to trap food as soon as we eat, it’s great to have some aid washing away any type of meal-time souvenirs.Saliva help neutralize mountain in the mouth. The acids discovered in foods and also produced by dental bacteria lead to cavities, so diluting and also neutralizing your effects administer important security for our enamel.Saliva help bathe the teeth in mineral that deserve to actually rebuild dilute enamel. Acids in the mouth attack minerals in the enamel such as the calcium and phosphate that strengthen our teeth. Fortunately, saliva provides calcium, phosphate, and fluoride that have the right to actually help rebuild dilute enamel.

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So, should girlfriend chew gum and wear braces? The real question is, have to you chew gum while you’re in braces? Drs. Craig Willis, Morris L. Poole, and also Morris N. Poole and also our team are more than happy to carry out the ideal answer for you! talk to united state at your following visit to our Logan, Smithfield, Providence, and also Preston, UT office about the potential benefits and drawbacks the dentist-approved sugarless gum. Relying on the type of gum girlfriend choose and also the sort of orthodontic occupational you are having done, the answer just could surprise you.