The Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly is a varieties of medium-sized, glowing yellow butterflies that room spread across a big area covering the 2 Americas, in three different subspecies.

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Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillar


Cloudless Sulphur Larvae

After flower out, the caterpillars come out through a glowing yellow to environment-friendly stripes by your sides and also rows of dark dots throughout their earlier part. The caterpillars are usually nocturnal, building their very own tents in the organize plants to spend the work inside. The host plant might be partridge pea (Chamaecrista cinerea), sennas (Senna), clovers (Trifolium), or various other legumes (Fabaceae). The caterpillar will usually thrive to a length in between 41 and also 45 mm (1.6 and also 1.8 in).


Cloudless Sulphur Chrysalis

The chrysalis is eco-friendly or yellow, with stripes in environment-friendly or pink, and also has a bizarre shape in order to camouflage through the pipeline of your hosts, through a humped middle part and pointed in ~ the ends.

Adult Butterfly

Sexual Dimorphism: Not significantly visible

Color and also Appearance: when the wings are open, the males display a glowing yellow coloration, when the females have a lighter hue that appears to be lemon come light golden yellow with a very fine and also dark marginal border that have the right to be visible upon close examination. when the wings room closed, the males display a irradiate hue of reddish brown, and the females exhibit the same color on the ventral side as the dorsal.

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Phoebis sennae


Sulphur Butterfly

Quick Facts

DistributionFrom south America come the southern parts of Canada (most usual in Argentina come southern regions of Texas, Georgia, and also Florida in the US)
HabitatPrefer open spaces, seashores, water bodies, glades, and gardens
Lifespan that adults2 come 4 mainly (average)
Host plantsLegume plants including partridge pea, sennas, and also clovers
Adult dietNectar

Did friend Know?

This types is reasonably larger I dimension than many other members the the Pieridae family.