Vegans would die!

Without photosynthesis there would be no supplyof oxygen and slowly the oxygen would get used upby oxidation such as rust formation.

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Furthermore, by removing plants, all of the manymany animals that depend on plants would get veryvery hungry and gradually die.

Answer 2:

The food chain of almost all animals rely onphotosynthesis. We eat plants (whichphotosynthesize) and animals. Animals eat otheranimals (which eat plants) and plants. Plantsphotosynthesize. So, large animals (like us) ingeneral probably wouldn"t exist. There are acouple ecosystems that don"t use photosynthesis tosupply all their energy. These get their energyfrom heat-loving bacteria that live on underwatervolcanoes and get their energy there. Theseecosystems are very deep in the ocean and includeworms and blind crabs. They"re pretty creepy, hereare a lot of the crabs living on a volcanic ventnear antarctica:

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It can be difficult to know what would happen ifyou made such a dramatic change to the world. Butone thing we know for sure is that animalswouldn’t exist and any living things left would bemicroscopic. Many living things obtain theirenergy directly from the sun in the case of plantsor indirectly as in the case of animals. Ifthere was no photosynthesis, plants and animalslikely could not exist. In addition theatmosphere would have very little oxygen becausephotosynthesis releases a large amount of oxygeninto the air. It is possible that some very basicorganisms could still exist like the deep sea ventbacteria that don’t get their energy from the sun.In fact, some scientists think that the firstcells ate chemicals that were created in theatmosphere. So cells like these might continue tolive. Otherwise, the Earth would be a prettybarren lifeless place without photosynthesis.

Answer 4:

If there was nothing on Earth that could dophotosynthesis, then the only life on Earth wouldbe small bacteria and other things similar tobacteria. Most life on Earth depends onphotosynthesis. Plants use photosynthesis to makesugar for energy and most animals need plants forfood. Even carnivores, like lions, need plants,because their prey (animals like antelope) eatthem.

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Answer 5:

The Earth would still have an iron-rich ocean. Idon"t know whether the air would have more carbondioxide, or if all of the carbon dioxide wouldhave been locked away in carbonate rocks and wewould have an entirely nitrogen atmosphere. Lifewould be found only in geothermal vents where itis possible to get energy without relying on thesun. There would be no "advanced" multicellularlife such as the kinds that we are familiar with.