Named ~ the renowned beauty note on Marilyn Monroe’s upper lip, the Monroe piercing is quickly coming to be as iconic as the fabulous mrs it’s named after.

Not come be puzzled with the Madonna, which is situated on the opposite side of the lip, the Monroe piercing sits over the top lip ~ above the left side of the face. In stimulate to complete the Marilyn Monroe look, most opt because that a an easy labret stud through a little bead, gemstone, or cute charm. However, there’s always room because that creativity, and also the Monroe have the right to be paired with various other facial piercings to produce an individualized look.

No doubt since of its namesake, the Monroe piercing is more popular among women than men, yet piercings nothing discriminate; men shouldn’t be fear to rock this sleek and minimalist style.

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Like all facial piercings, you should be 100% certain that this is the piercing for you before you undergo the piercer"s needle; the last thing you desire is a regretable piercing in the middle of your face. Here’s what you need to recognize to assist you decision whether the Monroe is the piercing for you.

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How much does the monroe piercing hurt?

Like plenty of other upper lip piercings, the Monroe falls around midway on the pain scale. Her lips have more nerve endings than areas like your ear or nose, so you will most most likely feel a fairly substantial pinch. However, uneven some other lip piercings, only one swift puncture is required, so the ache is quick.

Lip piercings have tendency to swell quite a bit, for this reason you should be prepared for redness and puffiness because that the first couple of days. Her piercer should fit you through a labret stud that is huge enough come accommodate the swelling. If your jewelry presses also hard versus the skin, you’ll want to see your piercer to obtain fitted with a bigger stud; jewelry that’s too tight have the right to impede the heal process.

If girlfriend experience too much pain, too much bleeding, or puss-like excretion native the piercing, you’ll should consult a doctor.

Monroe piercing heal process

As with any piercing, healing times vary from person to person. In order to ensure the quickest healing time, make certain you adhere to suitable aftercare practices. Most people find the their Monroe is totally healed after 6 weeks, however it deserve to take as long as 12 weeks.

It’s vital to keep in mind that your piercing may show up healed native the outside, however it can still be healing internally. Since of this, the a great idea to talk to her piercer before you protect against aftercare techniques and adjust your jewelry.

Aftercare rules

Beyond conventional piercing aftercare practices, you need to take extra treatment that any oral piercing stays cost-free from bacteria. Since your mouth is warm and also damp, it becomes a breeding ground because that harmful bacteria and germs. Therefore, you should make certain that your mouth stays clean, you keep on height of your oral hygiene practices, and also you keep foreign objects away from her piercing as lot as possible.

For shorter healing times and also to prevent infection, here are some tips:

Only touch her piercing with clean hands. especially in the first few days, you could be tempted to twist or touch your jewelry. Doing this deserve to irritate the skin and slow down healing.

Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. A cocktail every now or climate is fine, however binge drinking have the right to weaken your immune system, so remain away native the parties for a while. Cigarettes save harmful chemicals that will negatively influence your piercing.

No kissing. This one have the right to be a bummer, yet you’re already fighting the bacteria in your own saliva; no need to add the saliva of your partner. Additionally, you need to stay far from any kind of oral task in the bedroom till you’ve healed.

Watch her teeth. if healing, you will do it wear a larger labret stud. While this permits for her lips to swell during the heal process, the also means that you’ll have extra steel in your mouth the you’re not supplied to. Luckily, the place of the Monroe piercing is often high enough that the risk of chomping on her jewelry is lower than various other lip piercings, but it’s tho something you need to be conscious of.

Brush your teeth regularly. Hopefully, you’re law this already, yet as with any kind of injury come the mouth, you’ll desire to increase your dental hygiene game until you’re totally healed.


Monroe jewel styles

As pointed out previously, the labret stud jewelry is the most popular Monroe piercing by far. This helps match the aesthetic of the beauty mark of that namesake. However, the jewelry form is far from limiting; over there are lots of labret stud layouts that friend can pick from to make this piercing your own. Many Monroe piercings usage either a 14G or 16G piece.

Choosing a black bead or possibly a cultured peacock pearl helps to accentuate the mole aesthetic and looks most similar to Marilyn Monroe’s style. A shining gemstone likewise looks adorable, and the sparkle help to attract the eye. A bezel setup is good for the Monroe piercing since it gives a sleek and smooth end up that sits an ext flush through the skin. Dainty charms are likewise super popular, and a little heart or star could add an facet of whimsy to your piercing.

Be careful when choosing your jewelry; a red bead or gemstone could be mistaken for a zit or blemish. You’ll desire to opt because that jewelry the goes well v your skin tone and also highlights her piercing; you don’t want someone staring at your confront trying to decide if you pierced or still have some having lunch on your face.

As with all lip piercings, you should pick a stud v a flat disc backing. Not only is this a much more comfortable jewelry option, but it additionally limits rubbing versus your gums, which might lead to a receding gum line. If you suspect that her jewelry is beginning to be problematic to your gums, take the end your jewelry and consult a dentist.

Why do not do it I obtain a monroe piercing?

Not every piercing is for everyone. The form of your lips and also face, your health and wellness practices, and also your daily activities can all add to whether or no you should obtain pierced.

If you have larger lips, any lip piercing is going come hurt more because there’s more skin to puncture. If you have actually a lower pain tolerance, climate you can want come opt for a piercing far from her lips.

Because the Monroe piercing is expected to emulate a beauty, beauty mark, if you already have one in that area, you could want to rethink whether you want to pierce an man-made beauty mark. Additionally, due to its location, if you pick the dorn jewelry, it could be mistaken because that a much more unsightly blemish. If you have acne in this area, you can want to organize off top top the piercing till your acne removes up, otherwise, her piercing might get lost.

If you have issues with dental hygiene, receding gum lines, or other dental issues, then you’ll most likely want to stay away indigenous lip piercings in general.

How much will it cost?

As always, pricing will vary from piercer come piercer. When we always recommend opting because that the an ext expensive and experienced piercer, v the Monroe piercing, this is specifically true; there room so countless nerve end in the lips come be conscious of, and a poorly inserted Monroe piercing could wreak destruction on her gums.

Typically, the Monroe piercing costs around $50 - $80. Girlfriend should, however, select your piercer based on their abilities rather than recognize the cheapest option. Never choose a piercer who provides a piercing gun; these harbor much more bacteria, and also the blunt force it uses to puncture the skin can reason damage. You’ll want to make sure that the piercer supplies a clean needle instead.

Monroe piercing variations

Another Monroe format that is growing in popularity is the double Monroe piercing. The place of the Monroe piercing way that yes a huge canvas to play with, therefore you can take a few approaches if girlfriend would prefer this style.

Some choose to align their double Monroe follow me their lipline so the the piercings are balance out from every other. Others gain their Monroe piercings side-by-side. Much less popular, but still possible, is to acquire two piercings one on top of the other.

Don’t get this piercing perplexed with the Madonna, which is located on the other side that the mouth, or the point of view bites piercing, which consists of both the Monroe and also the Madonna piercings.

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If girlfriend opt for the twin Monroe piercing, be mindful that the piercer will likely have you come in because that two different sessions to lull healing time.