Help me make a decision. In ~ my club the unwritten dominance is that when you with 70 years of period you can play native the "Senior Tees" in society events. I am 69 and next year ns am relocating up for sure. They play 6000 yards contrasted to the "Men's Tees i m sorry play about 6500 yards. Now I know I deserve to play wherein I desire regardless that the unwritten rule however the group I play v on a continual basis three or 4 times a mainly play from the Men's Tees regardless of age. Our group plays by handicap therefore if I relocate up to the senior tees ns drop one stroke however what I obtain is that from the Men's Tees there space two par 4 holes that ns reach in regulation once in a blue moon. If ns played native the senior tees I would certainly be hitting a 5-7 iron instead of a 3 wood. I would certainly still obtain a stroke on these 2 holes but would offer up a stroke on one of the par 5's if I moved up. Likewise it is a tiny awkward when you are riding in a cart v someone once you play different Tees. Do I go ahead and move increase or wait one more year ?

Frank P

Frank PSebastian, FL

April 29, 2016 at 09:17 pm
Carl, permit me call you. Ns am 63 year old and also play from any tee under 6000 yds. Generally in the 5400-5700 range. I'm not fooling anybody. I hit it about 200 off the tee and also I like the idea of hitting irons and hybrids on 2nd shots. Come me the surname of the video game is to try to shoot her lowest score and have some fun. Come me this tee by age stuff is just another means for males to get an edge on a bet. That's why I quit playing in money games. Between sandbaggers and also the win-at-all expense guys, it wasn't fun anymore.

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harry h


harry hLasvegas, NV

April 29, 2016 at 09:19 afternoon
i pat from whites at a much less than 6500 yard course right here in Vegas mainly retired golfers ( me not included) as I quiet work full time. But most that the larger players execute play from senior tees and also really gain playing more as. I watch it and yes playing v someone play a various tee is a pain because that sure however in order to reap the best game in the people you have actually do what is ideal for girlfriend to gain golf

Darius V

Darius VBarrie, ON

April 30, 2016 in ~ 12:23 to be
Absolutely friend should relocate up !!!I right now play v a continuous foursome three times per week. One of my girlfriend plays to an 8 however only if that plays from the #3 tees. (our food has four sets that tees identified by # no by color). The various other two play come 14 and 15 handicaps and also play native the #3 tees on two of ours nines. Lock play the #2 tees once we pat what we refer to as fatality Valley Nine. I play come a 6 or 7 and play native the back tees simply due to the fact that that is whereby we have to play from for the club championship and also I require the practice. The staggered tees we play functions well because that our matches and none of united state have any kind of issues through which tees someone plays. The whole idea is to reap the round. As soon as you need to hit 3 woods to reach par fours top top your 2nd shot, it is solid enjoyable, and the food was not designed for that. I really much doubt that the architect designed the green to be welcoming to a three wood shot. I m sorry tees girlfriend play need to not carry any kind of stigma. Pick the tees that play finest for you and enjoy. The handicap index gets changed for the so there should be no issues. I simply hope I have the right to still play once I am 70 :) mental - acquire out and enjoy !!!!Darius

Dave N

Dave NDade City, FL

April 30, 2016 in ~ 12:25 pm
Move up, i play from the mens tees and also sometimes as soon as I play with a little older guys (they all hit indigenous the an elderly tees) I relocate to over there tees to store the play relocating faster and also I also go under a club to also the playing field.

Chris B

Chris BMonroe, LA

April 30, 2016 at 03:34 afternoon
I think girlfriend are handling it too much. Ns am in my mid 40s and don't acquire to beat as lot as i did - I relocated up from the tips to the men's is much far better for my game now.Move on up - have actually fun and enjoy the game.

Barry B

Barry BLake St Louis, MO

might 01, 2016 in ~ 01:55 afternoon
Stick with the "Men's Tees" because that the remainder of the year and work ~ above the quick game come still par those long par 4's. Then next year once you obtain the gift of play the "Senior Tees", possibly you'll turn those pars right into birdies v your good short game.



might 01, 2016 in ~ 02:06 afternoon
Do what renders the game more enjoyable come you. If you uncover that you favor playing the an elderly tees because you get the green quicker or v irons rather of utilizing woods all the time then play the an elderly tees.


CoolBreezeSudbury, MA

might 01, 2016 at 02:10 pm
First off, play whatever tees that are comfortable for you and also your game. Execute not worry around anyone else's game. Below are a pair rules of ignorance to save in mind:1. If your age plus your full 18 feet handicap is equal or grater than 90, then play it forward one collection of tees. 18 feet handicap is 25 and also age is 66 equates to 91, climate play the forward.2. Take it your typical 5 steel yardage and also multiply through 36 and that will provide you a typical course yardage in which to play from. If friend hit a 5 iron 186 multiplied by 36, equates to 6696, for this reason the course yardage tees you have to be comfortable play from.Regardless of i m sorry tees you play, there is no such point as a an elderly tee, females tee, or men's tee every say, that is correct to determine them in ~ the forward, middle, back, or championship tees.Anyhow, if you're play a 915 and Pro V1 climate you should have the street to pat anywhere! : P

Jonathan K

Jonathan KAdvance, NC

may 01, 2016 in ~ 03:01 pm
I think you continue to pat the tees girlfriend enjoy. Age should not be a determining factor for automatic alters in tees. The overwhelming majority of golfers beat tees that are too long, as a result, they more than likely don't reap the video game as they would certainly if playing at a much shorter yardage. Ns don't think anyone enjoys hitting hybrids and also fairway metals right into par fours all day. We have a 78 year old golfer in ~ our club and also he theatre the white tees i beg your pardon plays 6300. He commonly scores far better than his age. In short, beat the tees friend enjoy.


SasnakNovi, MI

may 01, 2016 at 03:49 pm
Take the gift & there money. ~ you've "clocked them" a couple of times, you'll it is in asked come move earlier to the various other tee. So reap it while the last!!!!


pauldrueNashua, NH

might 01, 2016 at 10:39 pm is meant to be enjoyable. I'd to speak play from where you derive the most joy. And I expect to it is in playing choose you when I obtain to her age! What one inspiration!Paul

Dave N

Dave NDade City, FL

might 02, 2016 at 12:46 to be
Do what feels ideal to you. I obtain this case weekly. Mens tees or an elderly tees. I shot to keep play moving, counts who ns am play with.

Gabe B

Gabe BEau Claire, Michigan

may 02, 2016 at 01:14 am
Let's be ethical the game is difficult enough. You have actually a handicap and also there is a mechanism in ar for compete from various tees. You should be playing from the tee that enables you come reach many holes in regulation. Therefore why not move up a tee. An ext birdie putts means more birdies. An ext birdies method more fun.

Don T

Don TLafayette, CO

might 02, 2016 in ~ 03:45 to be
My suggest this discussion is this: The game still needs to be fun! once I went phibìc of 60 year old, I fell into a regular 4sum top top Sundays. I soon found out there to be resistance to moving up a tee or 2. So a couple of weeks in I suggested that we can move up to blue tees i m sorry are prefer 5900 yards. I stated that ns was worn down of trying to hit greens from 200 yards all day with a 5 wood. Us played one round prefer that and never looked back. Mine index has not come under radically. (one still has actually to get it in the hole) and also everyone is having much more fun. Birdies are again possible and do the efforts to uncover the eco-friendly from 150-160 is for this reason much much more fun. My 10 cents..... Move up! Cheers DT

Don O

Don OMadison, WI

may 02, 2016 in ~ 04:38 to be
It's too negative it is age 70. Over there are lots of golfers the lose enough distance before then that have to struggle to play 6600 yards. I struggle over 6200 yards. The is my observation that males that don't desire to play with me if I'm top top the white skin - man don't want to play through me from the blues due to the fact that I'm continuously 1 shooting behind them. Ns have much more fun once I have the right to play the whites and can have actually my journey land through the young guns' drives from the tee crate back. You'll should decide if you gain not utilizing your mid-irons or want to relocate up to be able to attack a couple of pins with an iron.

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might 02, 2016 in ~ 12:51 afternoon
We have actually various tees in ~ my club, and also I am in my 40's...I have actually a selection of Member Tees (about 6,300), Blue Tees (about 6,800) or gold Tees (about 7,250). Of course my handicap is different in between all three tee boxes however I weekly beat on all three sets relying on "who" ns play with and the course conditions/weather. Bottomline, play every little thing tee box you feeling comfortable given the situation. I think you might play both and not have any issue!



may 02, 2016 in ~ 01:00 pm
I would consult through your playing partners. If they are ok with and also you room comfortable with, by every means, relocate up

Brian D

Brian DNorton, MA

may 02, 2016 at 01:31 pm
Hello Carl, this is a good question and also one that has surfaced in ~ our society over the previous year or so. We have a similar "unwritten rule" as well. We have actually a collection of yellow tees that is front from our various other White and Blue tees. The will of this tees to be to continue to permit golfers an possibility to either with fairways on a more consistent basis, or to allow golfers come reach more holes in regulation, protest to acquiring close and also forcing a great 3rd or 4th shot come be much more precise in order to do a one-putt par.We have had a great level that success with this movement and I know that a couple of of the folks who have moved to these tees felt uncomfortable in ~ first, feeling that other were looking at them differently, yet I believe this was quickly overcome together the team of folks that in truth did relocate up come the forward tees, have actually been having a much much better experience during their rounds. Castle are currently able come clear much more obstacles that were once straight in a landing area and they have actually been scoring pars or far better on a much much more regular basis, yet most the all, your rounds room up from last year, and the team has began to expand.In mine opinion Carl, girlfriend could become a tendency setter for your club and lead the fill on enjoying and prolonging your golfing experiences making use of the forward collection of tees.Best the luck come you and I expect you let us know how things go.Have a great season and great luck hitting more greens in regulation!

Allen L

Allen LClarington, OH

may 02, 2016 in ~ 08:42 afternoon
Hey Carl, I'm 68, pushing the following number. I've been play from either the Senior's or sometimes the Lady's tees. I examine scorecards and play indigenous 5 come 6,000 yards. Its an ext fun, period. I deserve to hit mine 4 steel pretty great for a shot come the green yet I'd fairly be play a 7.Don't worry about the tee's. Play the tees from the 5 come 6,000 yards. That's around the yardage for senior Amateur tournaments operation by the USGA.Well have fun buddy. Success some money together a Senior.

Dr. Kovatchian

Dr. KovatchianCarlsbad

may 02, 2016 at 09:49 afternoon
Carl play to your comfort level...I play through a few guys that room in their 70's and still play the constant tees at around 6500 yards...I commonly play the ago tees and it provides for a really fair game. I would play the tees girlfriend feel an ext comfortable in ~ you can constantly mix it as much as see where ideal play at.Hit lock Straight!Dr.K