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Album This track officially appears on the large Prairie main album.Timeline This song has been officially exit in 1998

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Song facts

From large Prairie liner notes:

During the early on days that reggae as soon as the Tighten-Up albums to be pumping out the great news, us asked Lee “Scratch” Perry come make some backing tracks for us. Mister Sandman was recorded at black color Ark Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, in 1977 once the radio terminal RJR was still rocking the airwaves and also the sun was always hot! Linda’s vocal was done later on in good style in ~ Rude Studios UK.

From Wikipedia:

Mr. Sandman” (sometimes rendered as “Mister Sandman“) is a famous song created by beat Ballard which was released in 1954 and an initial recorded in might of that year through Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra and also later that exact same year by The Chordettes. The song’s lyrics convey a request to “Mr. Sandman” to “bring me a dream” – the timeless association v the folkloric figure, the sandman. The pronoun used to describe the preferred dream is often changed depending ~ above the sex that the singer or team performing the song, as the original sheet music publication, which consists of male and also female execution of the lyrics, intended. Some time later, Ballard additionally rewrote the lyrics for Christmas usage as “Mr. Santa”. The chord progression in every chorus follows the one of fifths for six chords in a row. Singer Dorothy Collins charted v “Mr. Santa” (#51, US trade Music Vendor. 1955). The track was later recorded through Tony Sandler and Ralph Young (1968) and also Suzy Bogguss. Emmylou Harris’ record of the song got to the top-ten on the U.S. Nation singles chart in 1981. <…>