SPOILER WARNING: If you an intricate watching lining fresh, it can be worth giving this post a miss out on for now, as it is full of spoilers. Feel totally free to come earlier once you have actually watched it though! 

I’m crap at watching TV. No the plot of sit down, snacks in hand, and also enjoying a an excellent programme, the bit’s easy. I do find it tricky come sit myself in the chair the exact same time every week to store up with a series, though. 

The DVD box-set is as such a big friend the mine. I have discovered many of mine favourite reflects – The Wire, 24, foolish Men, Misfits – a while after they initially aired. Stop its head high among those is Chuck.

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I need to confess to my ignorance and also admit i knew very tiny about the display when I saw the first two periods on the shelf the HMV for £15. I took a punt on it, and also I am an extremely glad i did. 

I stumbled throughout a funny, action-packed show around an archetypal under-achiever, whose people is turn upside down when the Government’s optimal supercomputer is downloaded right into his brain. 

The premise the Chuck sounds one-note, however the display has solid characters and also a an excellent blend the drama and comedy. That fought versus cancellation throughout its run, and also the fact it lasted five collection is a great credit to the writers, actors, and also team behind it. 

Chuck ebbed and flowed in quality, yet even at its short points – which were still good, I would argue – the was full of terrific moments. Transparent its run from begin to finish, episodes and also plotlines were punctuated through satisfying resolutions because that characters, delightful comedic highlights, and also exciting action collection pieces. You name it, Chuck probably has actually it. 

Here then, in chronological order, room its ten finest moments…

Chuck meets sarah (Series 1, episode 1, ‘Pilot’)

Every great love story has actually to begin somewhere. For Romeo and Juliet, it to be the Capulet Ball. Because that Anthony and also Cleopatra, it to be Egypt. For chuck Batowski and also Sarah Walker, it was the Burbank purchase More. 

It’s the work after Chuck’s birthday. It seems pretty much like any other day, except for Chuck has unknowingly just downloaded the us Government’s top supercomputer, the Intersect, right into his brain. Get in Sarah Walker, blonde bombshell and also sexy super spy because that the CIA. She beginning the Buy much more posing together a customer v a faulty phone, gaining Chuck to solve it. When challenged with a quite girl, he’s hardly suave. That drops his very own phone, he referrals Batman and points out the finer facets of being a nerd rather than a geek. That does present his sweet next however, as soon as he help a confused father movie his young daughter performing ballet. Sarah is intrigued by his soft, caring side, going above and past his lowly Nerd Herd duties to comfort the young girl. 

Zachary Levi mirrors off both his comedic skills and Chuck’s perceptible side yes, really well in this scene, encompassing all that sarah eventually concerns love around him. His chemistry v Joshua Gomez as Morgan is already in place, as is his attraction to Sarah. Deserve to you reprimand him? Plus, beatboxing around Vicki Vale has got to be a winner. 


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Jeffster! is born (Series 2, episode 13, ‘Chuck matches the best Friend’) 

Chuck was a good show because that balancing action, humour and touching character-driven storylines. It once again confidently trod the fine line through the bear of ‘Jeffster!’. 

Having discovered out the Chuck’s sisters Ellie and Captain Awesome, aka Devon, are trying to find a wedding band, Chuck’s Buy an ext colleagues Jeff and Lester put themselves forward. They ultimately secure one audition indigenous a reluctant Captain Awesome. Their track of choice? Toto’s Africa, and also they rock it hard. They totally suck, however they rock hard. Jeffster had numerous (perhaps also many) moments throughout the show’s continuing to be seasons, yet this is their highlight for me. 

This is a good moment because that so numerous of the characters, not just Jeff and also Lester. Lining gets to quietly let sarah know how much that cares because that her, Morgan proudly declares how much the likes Anna, and Captain awesome shows exactly how awesome he is by allowing Jeffster to have their moment in the sun.

Toto kick a many ass, too. 

Chuck and Sarah get it top top (Series 2, episode 21, ‘Chuck matches the Colonel’)

The location of this entry provides it sound an ext pervy 보다 it is meant to. In reality, it’s among Chuck‘s sweetest and also most soft moments. Sarah and also Chuck are on the lam native the government, having gone on the run to track under Stephen Bartowski, Chuck’s dad. The sexual chemistry in between the two proceeds to balloon under as they share a hotel room together. At this point, that tension has been building for two seasons. 

This wonderful scene brings all the to a crescendo. Together they gradually awaken from their slumber in each other’s arms, their fingers intertwine. Lock share a short-term glance before, finally, castle kiss. They’ve kissed before, but this time the is because that real. Not just satisfying in regards to payoff, the music, performance and also direction add to the romantic of the scene. This moment is laced with comedy too, together Chuck discovers he has no condoms, thanks to Morgan. 

‘I’m gonna death you, Morgan.’ Can’t say i blame you, Chuck. 

‘Guys… I know Kung-Fu.’ (Series 2, illustration 22, ‘Chuck versus The Ring’)

Romance is in the air in ~ Ellie and also Captain Awesome’s wedding. With Sarah apparently around to confess her feelings because that our leading male Chuck, the proverbial plop access time the fan. Chuck’s university roommate and Sarah’s old flame, supervisor spy Bryce Larkin, is walk away by The Ring, a corruption spy organization hell-bent ~ above obtaining its own Intersect. 

Our three heroes rush from the wedding to conserve Bryce from the nefarious Ring operatives. Chuck ends up locked in the intersect room v a dying Bryce, who begs lining to ruin the intersect 2.0 before The Ring can gain their hands on it. Naturally, lining ignores him, and also reluctantly uploads the crossing 2.0 right into his very own mind before destroying the hardware. The Ring agents ultimately break in, and also are about to kill Sarah, Casey and Chuck. 

The new Intersect is complete of surprises though, and also Chuck defends his friends v a whirlwind display screen of kung-fu, disarming the five Ring henchmen before unloading a have the right to of whoop-ass on each of them. Chuck has truly arrived together a kick-ass spy. The occurring fight scene is brilliantly choreographed, made all the much better for utilizing Levi as much as possible. The close-quarters fist fighting is intense. The present may have not had the biggest budget going, yet fight scenes choose this are Chuck in ~ its action-filled best. 

Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and also Casey (Adam Baldwin) play their part wonderfully, providing the comic relief v their exasperation in ~ Chuck’s antics. Casey grunts a lot during the show, however his ‘Uh?’ in ~ the end of this fight scene is for sure priceless. 

Sprinkle a Matrix recommendation on the top, and you have Chuck gold dust. 

Morgan lastly finds out (Series 3, episode 9, ‘Chuck versus The Beard’)

Throughout the earlier seasons, Chuck combated an ongoing fight to hide his spy life native his friends and family. Amongst those he uncovered it hardest to keep his mystery from was Morgan. Chuck’s nerd of a ideal friend his whole life, an ext than anyone else, Morgan anchors chuck to the genuine world. They share pretty lot everything. 

The tension led to by Chuck’s secrecy has end up being so bad that Morgan ‘fires’ Chuck as his ideal friend. So as soon as they challenge an impending death, Chuck ultimately reveals his secret. Does Morgan react through anger in ~ the news? “My ideal friend is a spy…? This is unbelievable, this is the best news I’ve ever before heard!”. 

Chuck finally gets the monkey off his back, and also one of his nearest and dearest is finally in on his secret. Morgan’s reaction is totally in character, and he is complete of questions. Lining is momentarily stunned right into silence through relief before spilling the beans. Awesome. 

Chuck shoots show (Series 3, episode 13, ‘Chuck matches the other Guy’)

Chuck make a point of utilizing guest stars from TV and film franchises, to differing effect. I’ll acquire on to 2 of my various other favourite stars later, however Brandon Routh from Superman Returns needs to count as one of the most efficiently used that those guest stars. Routh theatre Daniel Shaw, one exemplary agent working v Team Bartowski to lug down The Ring. His an ideas for bringing the end The Ring is pushed by his need to avenge his wife Evelyn, supposedly murdered by a Ring operative. 

Upon learning that buy it shot Evelyn as part of she ‘red test’, a spy’s very first kill, shaw breaks. He aligns himself with The Ring, abducts and also drugs Sarah, and takes her to the place where she shooting Evelyn. Spend by his grief, Shaw notifies a paralysed sarah of his intention to death her. Chuck catches them up and pleads because that Sarah’s life. The use of flashbacks here is brilliant, as is the accompanying music. The soft piano and also ghostly vocals that Kettering through The Antlers offers the minute a haunting quality. 

A spy who detests guns, Chuck finally pulls the trigger on Shaw once left with no various other choice. The ramifications for Chuck, who knows that sarah loves him for his pacifism, space thrown come one side together he saves her life and his own by shooting Shaw. Shaw’s admission that that won’t expose Chuck’s keys to the Ring mirrors he still has actually a ethical code. It provides the minute all the more tragic. Daniel Shaw, a noble agent fallen indigenous grace, propelled by his crippling grief.

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I execute kind of wish he had actually stayed dead after ~ this, though. 

Shaw shoot Stephen Bartowski (Series 3, episode 18, ‘Chuck matches the Subway’)

Alongside Brandon Routh, Scott Bakula that Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise fame ranking up there as one of the show’s best guest stars. Not my favourite (I’m getting to it!) but up there. 

The roadway for Bakula’s Stephen Bartowski and his kids Chuck and Ellie was never ever smooth, having a complex relationship v the pair the them. Simply as things start to work out down though, a vengeful Shaw returns to shoot Stephen, and cripple Chuck’s capacity to use the Intersect. 

Wonderfully action by Levi, Bakula, and also Sarah Lancaster, the is a catastrophic scene that proves the show had the ability to bring off hefty drama alongside the mystery agent hi-jinx and also laughter. Lot as Evelyn Shaw’s fatality becomes a driving an ideas for Shaw, lining finds himself moved to keep conserving the human being in his father’s memory. 

Casey’s Couch Lock (Series 4, illustration 5, ‘Chuck versus the Couch Lock’)

Writing around this moment, I had not realised fairly how tiny I have actually mentioned Casey in this article. Appalling really, considering his contribution to the show. Somewhere along the line, the writers observed fit come pair increase nerdy loser Morgan through everyone’s favourite gruff NSA badass. The result? plenty of of Chuck‘s funniest moments, consisting of this one. 

Casey is under the affect of paralysis-inducing drugs as component of a mission. Upon clinical advice indigenous Captain Awesome, Morgan needs to anger or surprised Casey to acquire him the end of his paralysed state. Reluctantly, Morgan reveals to the world’s scariest over-protective father that he is date Casey’s daughter, Alex. 

Joshua Gomez access time a home-run through his fearful distribution as that reveals all, goading Casey right into coming the end of his ‘couch-lock’. Adam Baldwin is predictably awesome, progressively arousing ago to life prior to exploding out of his ‘couch lock’ right into a choke-hold ~ above helpless Morgan. 

The escalation the the scene, the usage of close-ups, the satanic music together Casey shows indicators of life, and also Adam Baldwin’s trademark grunts only include to the hilarity. 

Chuck thwarts Volkoff (Series 4, episode 13, ‘Chuck matches the push Mix’)

Some human being may controversy Brandon Routh or Scott Bakula was Chuck‘s best guest star. Because that me though, there is only one choice: Timothy Dalton. 

Throughout the fourth series he starred together Alexei Volkoff, global arms dealer and the head the criminal organisation, Volkoff Industries. After that in the collection we discover out the Volkoff is in fact Harvey Winterbottom, a mild-mannered partner of Stephen Bartowski whose mind to be corrupted by a flawed crossing upload. 

Though as Volkoff, Dalton dram a rock cold psychopath, infatuated v Chuck’s mother Mary. As Chuck and also Sarah close in ~ above Volkoff’s details network, Hydra, Volkoff tracks down Stephen Bartowski’s cabin, reasoning him come still it is in alive and finds chuck waiting because that him. After a scintillating verbal sparring match, lining tricks Volkoff right into speaking the words that give accessibility to Hydra. 

The scene is a exorbitant culmination that a long-running arc, carry out by 2 supremely talented actors. Stephen Bartowski’s posthumous involvement in the takedown that Volkoff is the bittersweet icing ~ above a very sweet cake. The steady reveal of Chuck’s plan throughout the scene is wonderfully realised, and also a testament to the show’s great writing. 

The proposal (Series 4, episode 13, ‘Chuck matches the press Mix’)

Two moment from the same episode, ns hear you cry? well when series co-creator josh Schwartz boasted that this illustration ends v the “best ten minutes in the show’s history”, he to be right. 

Throughout the 4th series, Chuck has been do the efforts to discover the perfect method to propose to Sarah. He finds it in one of the most unexpected places. Volkoff is thwarted. Ellie is having actually her baby, and Chuck rushes to the hospital via helicopter to be there because that his sister. As baby Clara Woodcomb join the world, Sarah and Chuck sit patiently in the wait room. Gazing right into her eyes, the rises to his feet, gift the ring crate to Sarah and also drops to one knee.

Set come the elevator hum that a floor waxer, they embrace and kiss. Us hear no words gift said, and also the episode fades come black. Chuck frequently did a great job of mix the bombastic set pieces and the smaller, quiet moments, giving those quiet moments a greater impact. 

After the excited of taking down Volkoff, this is a perfect way for the illustration to finish. Chuck stayed pretty an excellent until the finish of the 5th series, yet it never ever reached this heights again. 

Honourable mentions: series 1, ‘Pilot’, Chuck offers a erotic virus to defuse a bomb; collection 3, ‘Chuck versus the American Hero’, shaw learns the truth about his wife’s death; series 4, ‘Chuck matches the very first Fight’, Tuttle’s true identity is revealed; collection 5, ‘Chuck matches the Goodbye’, Chuck and Sarah sit together on the beach.

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If that isn’t sufficient Chuck-related goodness because that you, take a look at the ten factors we loved Chuck, here.