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Well, there really isn"t a level the it evolves. What you have to do is an initial get it"s pleasure up to a an extremely high level. This deserve to be done by maintaining it in your party, best the very first spot. As soon as it"s high enough, you have to level it up during the daytime come evolve it.

My research studies on my numerous Riolu have evolved at different levels and also at different times a day. My research studies concluded the Riolu evokes in the daytime, usually as soon as you advanced it"s level 21 come 29 level from as soon as you recorded or received it.

Riolu can only be developed through happiness. Therefore if you"ve beaten Pokemon black/white and you want a Lucario, these space the ideal waysRare candiesSoothe bell Exp share Massages and really come be moral just let your strong Pokemon perform the. Work and also let Riolu complete it off. Riolus aren"t good at short levels so gain a fairly high one.

riolu dosent evolve through level it evolves through high delight if you want to evolve it i reccomend this berrys tamato berry it lowers the base speed however makes that freindleir. Grepa berry that lowers the base distinct defense however makes that freindlier . Hondew berry lowers the base special attack bt makes it freindlier. Qualot berry lowers its base defense yet makes that friendlier. Kelpsy berry lowers its base strike but provides it more freindlier or ns you dont have actually them do it old school style put your riolu in very first in your party and constantly send it out very first and when riolu provides the oppenet pokemon faint it gains pleasure if riolu faints it loses happiness

Every time girlfriend raise Riolu a level that gains one pleasure so if you level Riolu alot it will evolve ^_^

Riolu does no evolve via leveling up. To gain Riolu come evolve into Lucario, you should evolve the via friendship and happiness. Offer it a the majority of stat elevating items such together Protein, iron, etc.Then once you think you have offered it atleast 5 of each stat elevating item, level it up and also it should evolve if not then give it more.I hope this helps.





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