Grab her purse, Anniversary version is 25% off! the brings the price under to US$14.99

So if you"ve got Anniversary version on her wish list, this is a rare chance to save a few bucks. Or to buy it for a friend -- specifically with Slough Creek Multiplayer coming pretty soon!

Live the life the a wild wolf (with or without accessories)! Anniversary edition is accessible as early Access.

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Slough Creek is Released

Establish a new home with your mate and raise pups!

Slough Creek because that Anniversary Edition to be released ~ above December 30, 2020 together Early accessibility for PC and Mac. We"re therefore excited to get the product of year of work right into your hand at last. But this is only the beginning.

Still to come while the video game is in early on Access:

bighorn sheepSlough Creek multiplayer

This an initial Early access release the Slough Creek provides plenty the fun and also excitement because that PC and also Mac players.The video game includes:

Amethyst MountainSlough CreekLost river ClassicMultiplayer (Currently for Amethyst Mtn. And Lost river Classic. Coming soon to Slough Creek)achievementsClassic 2.7 is likewise included in her purchase.

We are currently focusing ~ above PC/Mac development but will revolve our attention to various other platforms as soon as Anniversary version is the end of beforehand Access.

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Early accessibility for PC/Mac Released! 3: Anniversary Edition is obtainable for PC/Mac on vapor and, as at an early stage Access. We have released:

Amethyst Mountain, the first episode/mapSlough Creek, the 2nd episode/mapLost river Classic standalone mapMultiplayer because that Amethyst Mountain and Lost River. Slough Creek multiplayer is coming soon!

While in at an early stage Access, we are updating the game typically with much more features.

Tower loss - Future Episode

Tower fall is a whole brand-new episode/map i m sorry will proceed life through your pups in autumn. You will certainly move additional south into the sink of the Yellowstone River. There, with Tower fall thundering nearby, your pack will stake out brand-new territory and raise a new generation of professional hunters.

The Tower Fall development will be an in-game acquisition (DLC) and released after ~ Anniversary Edition.

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Updates & Patches

While Anniversary edition is in beforehand Access, we release updates and also patches (fixes) frequently. The video game updates itself immediately when friend launch. See all the updates and also patches: job & UPDATES: Anniversary Edition

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