This Andy Milonakis quote (any fans out there?!) constantly made me laugh together a teenager but now I acquire it! Life is no as straightforward as handing you lemon to make lemonade. In reality, life offers you entirely random ingredient that can leave girlfriend confused, frustrated and also wanting to litter it all in the trash. Also if girlfriend planned on do lemonade, the Universe has actually a various idea. Now, right here is her test. Are you open to accepting this new path or space you walk to hold onto the disappointments that the past?!

When I begin spiraling, ns go down this route of “everything in life is versus me”. Subconsciously, that provides me satisfaction to blame my unhappiness on every things external of my control. Ns am tho wishing I had lemonade and not beef stew; leave me emotion disappointed, envious and also hopeless. The apprehension of additional failure, brings are afraid to the driver’s seat and reinforces those negative, untrue thoughts.

When the previous calls, let it go to voicemail. It has nothing new to say.

-UNKNOWN (but pure genius!)

How much do friend love this quote?! I have tendency to organize onto the fads of the previous as a roadway map to mine future. By having actually the same pattern the thinking and also mindset, that is precisely how my present and future will certainly unfold. I essential some help an altering my old and unhealthy believed patterns; therefore, I opened up a brand-new book i bought called “The art of Uncertainty”. And it was the answer to mine prayers and also had me come head to head with numerous of my an unfavorable thought patters. Listed below is an amazing exercise uncovered in the book to aid stop negative thinking and manifest her dreams!

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Wishing you had lemonade instead of beef stew renders life feel favor a consistent uphill fight fighting against the wind.

Mindfulness activity from “The arts of Uncertainty”

#1Think around the unhealthy story you room narrating in her head.
#2Write under a perform of all the unhealthy thoughts surrounding that story.
#3Let that Go…literally! Burn the piece of paper, rip it right into a million little pieces or bury it in the ground. Everything you do, just remove it! Those an unfavorable thoughts are not true and also not act you any good.

I perfect the above Mindfulness exercise with the unhealthy thoughts ns had around my dating experiences. Back a tiny embarrassing to admit, it’s the truth! speaking my reality is a method of accepting and also letting it pass. I created down different an unfavorable thoughts such as: date is not fun, i am the worst in ~ dating, and also the list continued! as I to be writing, i noticed this an unfavorable story had been spiraling in mine head since high school. V some newfound liberty having that written down, ns felt I necessary the perfect an approach to ruin it. Therefore, I made decision to use it as a book mark till I come up with my genius plan. While ns was analysis one night, mine dog came as much as me, yanked that item of file and began to shred it.

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Many thanks Stitch! periodically I need a push and also shove in the right direction.